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Lawn Care in Wilmington, CA

Wilmington, CA, residents love that the four seasons are more moderate here than in other locations. They relish in the warmer winter temperatures and mild summer temperatures. The residents of this part of Los Angeles County take great pride in how their homes and property look.

Wilmington lawn care is an essential element in creating aesthetically pleasing properties. Maintaining the look of your property also increases the value assigned to the property. The best way to take care of your lawn is to have the professionals from Aerations Plus evaluate your needs and help you choose a maintenance and care plan that works for you.

If you want your property to look its best, reach out to Aerations Plus and allow one of our technicians to assist you in getting better results with your lawn and garden. Our technicians take great pride in doing the best job for each client, showing their high-quality results.

The Benefits Of Sod For Your Wilmington Property

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The drawback to having Wilmington property is that the ever-present bright sunshine beating down on your yard can cause damage to your grass. Sod installation in Wilmington is a method of improving the condition of your yard with less work, less time, and less money spent.

The benefits of sod include:

  • Improved area cooling
  • Reduced erosion and increased flood prevention
  • Landscape growth in inhospitable areas
  • Immediately increase in your property value

Sod is the best alternative to planting expensive grass seed, spending large amounts of money watering the seed, and having the sun stop the seed from germinating and coming up properly. With sod, you get immediate results that you can see.

If you would like a lush lawn to enjoy this spring and summer, contact Aerations Plus and let one of our technicians explain how we can make this happen for you. We can evaluate your needs, recommend the appropriate sod type, recommend an efficient sprinkler system, and more. We can often get someone out to your home the same day that you call.

The Benefits Of Beautiful Landscape Lighting For Wilmington Homes

Landscape lighting in Wilmington is a way to transform your yard when the sun goes down. With the lights appropriately positioned, you can showcase the areas of your yard that are most beautiful. The illumination is pretty, but there are many benefits to these light sources.

Landscape lighting benefits include:

  • Enhancing the beauty of your home and yard after dark.
  • Lighting paths to make them safer to travel.
  • Showcasing particular areas of interest.
  • Making finding your home easier for guests or first responders.
  • Increasing security by reducing the dark places that may act as hiding places.
  • Making outdoor entertaining more enjoyable.
  • Boosting your curb appeal, which increases property value.

If you would like to add exterior lighting, call Aerations Plus and let one of our experienced technicians make it easy for you to enhance the exterior of your home and create a fantastic nighttime transformation in your yard. We have more than 25 years of experience and can assist you with an illumination plan, installation, and total landscape lighting creation.

How To Prepare Your Wilmington Lawn For Seeding

There are several steps to preparing your lawn for seeding, including the following:

  • Check the pH balance of your soil: The correct pH will help your grass grow robust and healthy, and the wrong one can stunt growth and cause grass to die.
  • Remove rocks and thatch: A healthy soil will be free of anything that might prevent strong root formation.
  • Add nutrients to the soil: Southern California soil is often nutrient-poor, and supplements are often helpful for optimum growth.
  • Consider lawn aeration: If water and nutrients aren't getting to the roots of your grass, you might need lawn aeration.

Preparing your lawn for seeding is essential to maximize the number of seeds that will take root. For all your Wilmington lawn seeding needs, contact us at Aerations Plus today.

How To Diagnose Common Sprinkler System Problems In Wilmington

The sun in Wilmington keeps the temperature high enough for comfort. Hence, residents enjoy being outdoors, but it also creates a need for sprinkler systems to keep lawns hydrated. If you have a sprinkler system, then at some point, you are likely to experience problems with it. Diagnosing the problem requires understanding how each system component works together fully. It would help if you also understood how each piece works and what they need to be effective and efficient.

Sprinkler system repair in Wilmington is one of the specialty services that Aerations Plus offers. We can quickly look over your system, diagnose the problem, repair the problem, and help you have the lawn you want without the worry you do not need. Call Aerations Plus today if you are experiencing problems with your sprinkler system. We can often get a technician to your house on the same day, so your lawn will not go for an extended time without the water it needs.

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