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Westchester, located in the city of Los Angeles, is known for being the home of Loyola Marymount University and its beautiful campus. There are many fun things to do here, like play sports at Playa Vista Park, hike on the Ballona Creek Bike Path, practice your swings at the Westchester Golf Course, or check out the interactive exhibits, flight simulators, and planetarium at the Museum of Flying.

But when residents prefer to stay home and enjoy their property, they often face a problematic lawn that refuses to grow or turn green. Unfortunately, Southern California soil has challenges that are tough to overcome without the proper expertise and tools. If you are struggling with your yard, Aerations Plus provides lawn care in Westchester you can rely on throughout the seasons.

Different Soil Amendments Commonly Used In Westchester Yards

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Typical Southern California soil, which is generally dry, low in nutrients, and with struggling grass, makes up the majority of Westchester yards. Using soil amendments is one of the best solutions to improve soil quality and get better results from other lawn care strategies like lawn fertilization by improving nutrient delivery.

Soil amendments can make your yard healthier and your vegetation better able to reap the benefits of irrigation. They can also change the pH level of your soil to encourage the growth of verdant and drought-resistant grass. Soil amendments can also improve lawn aeration, drainage, and nutrient retention. 

The most common soil amendments in the area are gypsum, lime, compost, sulfur, and ammonium sulfate. The type your lawn needs depends on the soil composition, pH, and other factors. Using the wrong amendments can cause your grass to turn for the worse. When choosing the right treatment, it's best to rely on the advice of professionals. At Aerations Plus, we have the knowledge needed to use soil amendments in Westchester as part of your lawn care strategy. Call us today to find out more.

Why Lawn Fertilization In Westchester Is Important

A healthy lawn requires multiple strategies, especially in Southern California, including irrigation, dethatching, and fertilization. With fertilization, seeds can reach their full potential and grow into thick, healthy grass. Unlike more frequent maintenance, fertilization only needs to be performed during the cooler months when it is most effective.

Without it, other lawn care strategies might work on some level, but likely not enough to give you the lush grass you are looking for, especially when the temperatures are at their hottest. For example, dethatching, lawn aeration, and irrigation are all helpful in bringing nutrients to the plant roots, but if there are no nutrients to begin with, you won't get optimal results. 

Call us today if you are interested in finding out how lawn fertilization services can help you. With more than 25 years of experience in the field, our dedicated team of experts can help you understand what your lawn needs and what you can do about it with practical and cost-effective strategies.

The Best Kept Secret For Effective Lawn Irrigation In Westchester

Lawn irrigation has the potential to go awry, so rather than leave a lawn’s well-being to chance, consider professional help. At Aerations Plus, we are the irrigation experts with more than 28 years of experience in the field. Our services surrounding lawn irrigation include sprinkler installation as well as the use of rotors and drips. Sprinklers are a classic option that are able to cover small areas of lawn. They are usually preferred for their automation. Our service of installing rotors has the unique benefit of perfectly timed water delivery in order to maximize the nutrients that a lawn receives. And lastly, drip installation is the most efficient system and they are very easy to install. 

When we work with our customers, we’ll determine the best lawn irrigation system that fits their needs. By working with an expert, residents will benefit from this level of experience and knowledge as well as the highest quality products around. For more information on lawn irrigation services, please call us today. 

Tips For Westchester Properties To Encourage Your Grass Seed To Grow

A vibrantly green lawn can do a lot for your home, from raising property values to adding beauty to the neighborhood. But it can be challenging to obtain due to the soil condition and hot Southern California weather. The following tips can encourage your grass to grow properly:

  • Prepare the soil: Before you seed, the soil needs to be free of rocks and thick thatch and high in nutrients with the proper pH levels. Lawn aeration might also be necessary, depending on your situation. 
  • Choose the right seeds: Should you go for dry seed, which is cheaper and more user-friendly, or hydroseed, which can give you a healthy lawn faster and takes care of the nutrient and fertilizer needs at the same time? The answer will depend on your desired results and timeframe. 
  • Water the soil: Striking the right balance between under and overwatering is crucial for healthy lawn growth. Too much, and the seeds will wash away. Too little, and they won't sprout. 

All these factors can be challenging to get right. Save time and money and enjoy beautiful landscaping sooner than you would on your own. For top-rated lawn seeding in Westchester, contact Aerations Plus to get help from one of our professional lawn care experts. 

If you are ready to turn your struggling lawn into a lush and vibrant one, we are here to help. Our team at Aerations Plus has years of experience with lawn care strategies specific to Westchester and the Los Angeles area. Call us today to request a free estimate, schedule a home visit, and get answers to all your lawn care-related questions. 

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