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Growing a healthy lawn in Sun Valley isn’t always easy. Living on the edge of the Mojave Desert, it’s no surprise that homeowners in Sun Valley need to take care of their lawns against the high heat of the long, dry summers.

Aeration Plus is your premier source for lawn care in Sun Valley. We offer a wide variety of lawn care services that help us create customized treatment plans for every property we service. No matter what state your lawn is in, we have the tools to breathe new life into it and keep it green. Contact us today for more information about lawn care for your home.

Why DIY Lawn Care Isn't The Best Option For Sun Valley Lawns

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As a Sun Valley homeowner, it’s tempting to think that do-it-yourself lawn care products will be enough to keep your lawn healthy. Many homeowners take pride in their lawns and love the savings that come with taking care of the lawn personally.

The problem is that you don’t always save money in the long run. Effective lawn care is time-consuming no matter where you live in the country, but living in Sun Valley makes it even more difficult. The hot, dry climate can be a challenge for lawns to overcome without consistent effective watering and care. Effective maintenance means many trips to the store, scheduling around weather conditions, storing materials, and ultimately becoming susceptible to hidden costs that could arise when something goes wrong.

Homeowners in Sun Valley are always best leaving their lawn care needs to the professionals. At Aerations Plus, our expert team can focus on exactly what your lawn needs to thrive. Lawn care services from Aerations Plus ensure better results, better convenience, better safety, and higher quality of care for your lawn. We have a wide variety of services and technology at our disposal to ensure that no matter what problem you’re facing, we can fix it. Contact us today for professional lawn care in Sun Valley.

Lawn Watering Options For Properties In Sun Valley

The climate in Sun Valley can make it a challenge to ensure the proper and necessary watering schedule to keep your lawn healthy. If you’ve started seeing brown patches or dirty sports, your lawn is telling you that it’s thirsty. Instead of spending time and money watering your yard manually, lawn irrigation is an excellent way to give your lawn the sustenance it needs to ensure a complete green across your entire lawn.

Like any other facet of your home, there is not always a one-size-fits-all solution that will fit every lawn. Instead, Aerations Plus can install a number of different irrigation systems onto your property, including:

  • Spray systems
  • Rotor systems
  • Drip systems

Spray systems are typical sprinkler systems, typically best for small landscapes, but capable of wasting water over time without careful timing. Rotor irrigation systems have a further spray than spray systems, making them better for larger yards while simultaneously leaving enough time between hitting different areas of the yard to allow the water to better seep into the soil. California drip irrigation systems are the most effective solution, minimizing any water waste by slowly dripping exactly the right amount of water onto the lawn.

While there are many options at your disposal, it’s always best to leave watering your lawn to the experts. Professional lawn irrigation can help you achieve the perfect balance of water use for your lawn without wasting water unnecessarily. No matter the size or scope of your lawn, Aerations Plus has the tools to keep it healthy and hydrated. Contact us today for more information about efficient lawn irrigation in Sun Valley.

What Sun Valley Property Owners Need To Know About Lawn Aeration

If you enjoy spending your summers outdoors, your Sun Valley lawn could easily become compacted. Especially if you often have people walking around on your lawn, the high heat and activity can compact the soil underneath your lawn, making it more difficult for air and nutrients to get to the roots.

Lawn aeration battles soil compaction by perforating the soil with holes that allow air, water, and nutrients deep into the soil. With healthier roots, the grass on top grows green and strong. Aeration can also be used to treat problems like excessive thatch buildup or soil layering.

Aeration Plus specializes in aeration services in Sun Valley and the surrounding areas. After a thorough inspection of your lawn, we’ll customize a service for your property. First, we’ll go over your lawn with deep rakes that poke deep holes within the lawn that can allow air and nutrients inside. Then we’ll use specialized machinery in a process called “plugging,” wherein we remove small plugs of grass to break up compacted soil. Contact us today for professional aeration services and help your Sun Valley lawn breathe!

Professional Sod Installation For Sun Valley Properties

Sod lawns provide a number of benefits to homeowners. Sod lawns are easy to install and produce an “instant lawn” for your home, allowing you to enjoy a beautiful green yard immediately. They also require less irrigation over time and create a denser lawn over time.

The experts at Aerations Plus are happy to provide new sod installation services for Sun Valley and the surrounding areas. Our comprehensive sod installation services are the perfect solution to quickly give you a beautiful lawn that also prevents soil erosion. Contact us today for more details about the benefits of professional sod installation in Sun Valley.

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