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Green Valley is a small city surrounded by striking beauty. But it's not just Skyline Wilderness Park off in the distance; this city has a 360-degree view of mountains and blue skies. The city has good public schools and safe neighborhoods, and it is an active part of the area's independent winery scene, making it a destination for visitors. Living in Green Valley also means having very easy access to the entire Bay Area. Part of life here is having a yard that needs to be cared for; sometimes, this can be a tall task.

At Aerations Plus, we have provided quality lawn care in Green Valley for over 25 years. We are a locally owned company of lawn care experts that use only top-shelf products and methods. Because we know that no two lawns are the same, we offer a variety of services such as aeration, sprinkler repairs, weed control, lawn dethatching, and much more! To learn about the ways that we can help your lawn, please call us today. 

The Benefits Of Professional Lawn Aeration In Green Valley

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Lawn aeration is the process of creating small holes in the ground that encourage the grass to breathe, as its name suggests. Some of the other benefits of this work include the following:

  • It helps prevent thatch growth.
  • It increases the efficiency of water intake. 
  • It helps oxidize the soil so that it takes in nutrients more effectively.
  • It makes drainage more fluid, which can help prevent fungal issues.
  • It allows grass roots to grow deeper.

When it comes to lawn aeration, there's nothing more reliable than working with a professional. At Aerations Plus, it's what we do. We have over 25 years of experience providing this signature service to keep our neighbors' lawns healthy. Our knowledge and top-quality tools ensure a properly functioning lawn throughout the year. For more information on aerating your lawn, please call us today.

The Best Lawn Care In Green Valley

If you're looking for the best lawn care in Green Valley, look no further than Aerations Plus. With over 25 years of experience, no one is more qualified to care for your lawn. Our dedication to honesty and your satisfaction drives everything we do. Each of our technicians has expert training, and we use only the highest quality products when working on your property.

While caring for your lawn might seem like an easy task, it's far more complex than it seems. There are a variety of things that could become an issue, and many of them happen below the surface. We offer free lawn evaluations, routine maintenance programs, and specialty services such as irrigation installation, lawn fertilization, and soil amendments. With just one look, we can understand the current status of your lawn and improve its health and appearance with the right services. For more information on creating a healthier lawn, please call us today.

When Should You Repair Or Replace Your Sprinkler System In Green Valley?

A properly functioning sprinkler system is a crucial part of having a healthy lawn. And even though the system is likely automated, some issues could arise from them. It's important to repair or replace your sprinklers if you notice any of the following:

  • Uneven water flow coming from the head
  • Soggy areas of your lawn
  • Parts of your yard that are dry and thirsty
  • No water is coming from the sprinklers

At Aerations Plus, we provide a variety of sprinkler repair services that can be extremely helpful to your property. We check for issues with valves, wiring, pipes, and sprinkler heads and can replace and maintain them. By providing one of our free lawn inspections, we'll be able to determine the issues with your sprinkler system. For more information on fixing your sprinkler system, call us today.

How To Care For A New Sod Lawn In Green Valley

Sod is a layer of grass and soil that gets laid on top of the ground in order to help encourage grass growth in Green Valley. But sod is also a very fragile item that needs careful handling for the best chance of taking root. Here are a few tips for how to care for new sod:

  • Consider the time of day. When working with new sod, it's very important to water it at the right time of day. Early in the morning allows for the sod to absorb moisture without interruption. 
  • Be mindful of how much water sod gets. It is possible to overwater new sod, so consider watering it in small vignettes rather than all at once, so you don't oversaturate it. 
  • Give sod a break. It's important to keep people, children, and pets off of sod for at least the first week so that it has a chance to set roots. 
  • Work with a pro. Rather than try to lay sod solo, consider working with a lawn care specialist for installation and aftercare.

For more information on sod services, call Aerations Plus today.

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