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Comprehensive Lawn Care In Citrus, CA

Citrus is a small census-designated place that’s situated on the outskirts of both Pasadena and Los Angeles. This mainly residential area is peppered with small businesses and provides residents with access to nature with the Angeles National Forest in reach. But with temperatures that can often be very warm and dry, local lawns are in need of significant help.

At Aerations Plus, we deliver comprehensive lawn care in Citrus that can keep your lawn looking and feeling great throughout the year. We are a team of highly qualified lawn care professionals with more than 28 years in operation. As a locally owned company, we are intimately familiar with the communities that we service. When you partner with us, we promise to always act with honesty and integrity. We will also always deliver timely service that is effective, uses top-shelf equipment, and that saves you money. For more information on our services and to schedule your no-cost lawn consultation, please call us today.

Lawn Seeding; The First Step To Cultivating A Beautiful Citrus Lawn

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Lawn seeding is the process of adding additional seeds to Citrus lawns in order to make them fuller, greener, and overall more vibrant. This process, however, is one that’s best left to the professionals. At Aerations Plus, we are the trusted name in lawn seeding.

It’s our job to ensure that your lawn is treated properly, which is why we always provide comprehensive, no-cost lawn inspections. This will help us become familiar with the nuances of your lawn and determine how we’re going to treat it. The first step of our seeding service is to prepare your soil. This may involve removing built-up thatch, aerating the soil, and creating the right pH balance for your lawn. Next, we choose the right type of seed to use. In some instances, we provide dryseed, while in others, we opt for hydroseed. We’ll also provide a plan for adequately watering your new seed. For more information on our lawn seeding services in Citrus, please call us today.

Tips About Maintenance After Sod Installation In Citrus

The aftercare for sod is very crucial to its potential success. Here are a few important tips to follow to give sod its best chance at success:

  • Create other pathways. It’s important to avoid walking on sod or having it endure heavy traffic for the few weeks following its installation, so be sure to find a new path in your yard. 
  • Water consciously. The amount of water that sod is given is very specific, so aim to water your new sod before sunrise so that it has ample time to soak up nutrients and stop watering after sundown. This is where a professionally installed irrigation system might be helpful.
  • Fertilize cautiously. Most sod doesn't require fertilization for at least five weeks after it's been laid; however, each type of sod and lawn has different requirements.
  • Ask for help. The best way to maintain sod after you’ve installed it is with professional help from a lawn care expert. Consider enlisting help to handle your sod and ensure a healthy green lawn.

For more information on sod care services in Citrus, call Aerations Plus today.

How Sprinklers In Citrus Work Hard To Keep Our Grass Green

Sprinklers are useful inventions that allow water to be dispersed over your Citrus yard without you standing outside manually applying it with a garden hose. These tools spread the water, ensuring that your grass and vegetation do not die of dehydration.

The sprinkler can be used with a timer that has the system work automatically at specific times. They can water during the evening or early morning hours to help stop the water you give your lawn from evaporating before it can penetrate the soil and get to the roots of the plants. Sprinkler systems in Citrus are a specialty of Aeration Plus. Our experience has taught us how long you should water your lawn and how much water each type of plant needs to remain healthy.

Let The Professionals Properly Install Landscape Lighting In Citrus

At Aerations Plus, we are your one-stop company for all of your landscaping needs, including lighting installation. Our highly trained landscape experts are backed by more than 25 years of experience and the highest quality equipment on the market. We’ll discuss your lighting needs with you and then provide a free lawn inspection so that we can determine the best plan of action.

Installing lights requires an in-depth understanding of your plants, lawn, and local environment, all of which we take into account when designing your lighting scheme. These services require a great deal of electrical wiring as well and are a potential safety risk, which is why they’re also something that’s best left to the professionals. For more information on professional landscape lighting services in Citrus, call us today.

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