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Burbank is a suburban neighborhood of Los Angeles that’s tucked into the San Fernando Valley. Residents of the area have direct access to Griffith Park, which is filled with walking trails and opportunities to bike. There is also Bryce Canyon, which is beloved by many people. Living in this part of town affords people the opportunity to enjoy quick access to the center of the city while being situated in a very peaceful, residential area. Part of life in Burbank means having a lawn that could use a little extra care because of harsh seasonal conditions. Instead of trying to treat it on your own, consider professional services.

At Aerations Plus, we provide comprehensive irrigation services and sprinkler repair in Burbank that keep your entire property looking and feeling good. With more than 25 years of experience, we have become the area’s trusted lawn experts. Our team of technicians is expertly trained and vetted prior to hiring. We use only the latest technology when servicing your property and we always tailor our work to your lawn’s unique needs. Some of the services that we provide include lawn aeration, sod installation, weed control, and more. To schedule your free no-obligation inspection, please call us today. 

Benefits Of Professional Sod Installation For Burbank Properties

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Sod is a product that certain Burbank properties can benefit from, especially if they’re patchy or missing grass.

Some of the key benefits that this process delivers include:

  • A straightforward way to grow grass where it didn’t previously grow or had trouble growing
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Plusher ground that may help to prevent physical injury
  • Control of erosion on a property
  • An even lawn that is free from dips and divots
  • Ability to cool down a specific area of the lawn
  • Helps to avoid puddling and water accumulation
  • Fewer time restrictions because sod can be laid year-round
  • Generally more cost-effective than certain other services that fill in patches of grass

At Aerations Plus, we are the sod experts. Our signature service begins with a total lawn assessment to understand areas that require sod and pick the appropriate type of sod for the job. Next, we prepare the lawn thoroughly by dethatching, aerating, and other treatments if they’re necessary. Finally, our technicians lay the sod properly while also being able to maintain the aesthetics of a property. For more information on sod installation in Burbank, call us today. 

How Aeration Services Breathe New Life Into Burbank Lawns

Aeration is the action of creating holes and openings in a lawn to increase circulation and bring a host of other benefits to Burbank lawns. This is particularly important for lawns that are compacted in certain areas because they are not able to transfer nutrients and water to other areas of the lawn. Some of the benefits that come from aeration include improved irrigation and less water collection, deeper and stronger roots for blades of grass, and dealing with less unsightly thatch.

At Aerations Plus, it might come as no surprise that one of our signature services is lawn aeration. We have been perfecting this process for more than 25 years in our quest to create healthier, greener lawns. Aeration is a key service either on its own or in combination with a service like laying sod or fertilizing. In order for our technicians to properly aerate a lawn, we first need to perform an inspection to look for compaction, check the status of soil, and assess thatch. We use tailored machinery in order to aerate a lawn efficiently and properly. And to ensure a fully aerated lawn, we check in with all of our customers afterward. For more information on aeration services in Burbank, please call us today.

How Irrigation Installation Can Preserve Your Burbank Lawn

Having the proper form of irrigation can make a huge difference for your Burbank lawn.

Some of the ways that it can help to preserve your property include:

  • Proper coverage of your lawn
  • Helps conserve water
  • Builds a healthier, lusher lawn that you can enjoy
  • Avoids overwatering and the potential fungal issues that can arise 
  • Less time and effort on your behalf by being able to set your irrigation schedule

When you need help deciding what the right course of irrigation is for your lawn, look no further than Aerations Plus. We are the area’s trusted irrigation specialist with more than 25 years of experience. Before we determine the proper form of irrigation for your property, we provide a complete lawn inspection to understand the nuances of your lawn and how we can best serve your property. We often utilize either sprinklers, rotors, or drip irrigation, and one of our highly skilled technicians will install them. If you need any repairs in the future, we’ll be there for you. We also offer ongoing lawn maintenance services that are designed to limit the water you use and the costs you incur. For more information on irrigation installations in Burbank, call us today. 

What To Do About Weeds Taking Over Your Burbank Lawn

If your Burbank lawn has experienced an increase in weeds, the best thing to do is ask for help. By working with a lawn care specialist, you’ll benefit from extensive training and experience as well as the highest quality products possible. At Aerations Plus, we have been working with local homeowners like you for more than 25 years. Our team of vetted and trained technicians works with you to understand your needs and then direct the type of service we provide.

If you notice that weeds have become an issue for you or you’re looking to prevent them, we have the solutions. In order to understand your lawn better, we’ll provide a comprehensive yard inspection where we’ll test your soil as well. This gives us invaluable information about the health of your lawn and where we might need to intervene. At this time, we’re also looking to make proper weed identifications. From there, we’ll remove all weeds and apply an herbicide to create a level of protection from future weeds. If any weeds return after our service, simply call us and we’ll re-treat your lawn until the weeds are gone. For more information on weed control in Burbank, call us today.

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