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Brentwood, an upscale neighborhood of Los Angeles, is the place for beautiful homes, exclusive gated communities, and high-end retail and dining destinations. Its residents, living in one of the wealthiest and most desirable places in the area, take a lot of pride in maintaining the area's natural beauty and preserving our small-town feel.

Some famous Brentwood landmarks include the Getty Center, the Brentwood Country Mart, and the Skirball Cultural Center. Many celebrities and high-profile figures have called the city home, and you might recognize it in many movies and TV shows. 

But not everything is effortlessly beautiful in Brentwood. The hot weather and soil composition can make having a flawless lawn challenging. If you are looking for lawn care in Brentwood, Aerations Plus has a dedicated team of trained professionals with experience in dealing with irrigation, lighting, weed control, and more.

The Benefits Of Regular Mowing, Trimming, And Fertilizing In Brentwood

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It takes more than regular water to have a beautiful yard, especially in an area with abundant sunshine but loamy soil with low organic matter. To counter these factors, you will want to consider the many benefits of mowing, trimming, and fertilizing your yard. Keeping your lawn at a consistent and attractive height encourages it to grow healthy and dense without unsightly weeds.

Trimming the edges of lawns and around obstacles like flower beds and trees can help your yard look neat and more symmetrical. It also keeps the grass from taking over areas outside its perimeter, like sidewalks and patios. Done alongside mowing, it keeps your lawn manageable and tidy.

And finally, lawn fertilization is essential to promoting healthy, thick grass with robust roots and vibrant color. All these practices will help you get a lush, green, healthy lawn, increasing curb appeal and property value. Call us to get started and be on your way to a beautiful lawn everyone will admire. 

The Different Types Of Irrigation Systems In Brentwood

Is your lawn dusty, brown, or generally unhealthy looking? Or do you feel you spend too much time and money keeping it in good shape? If so, you may need a different strategy. Excessive watering can wash away nutrients, and insufficient irrigation will cause the grass to wither.

Brentwood homes rarely use appropriate watering techniques, but you can use many kinds of irrigation to get the lawn quality you always wanted, including the following:

  • Spray irrigation: Sprinklers are a type of spray irrigation that works well for small plots of land but can lead to high energy bills if they aren't on a schedule. They can be more susceptible to windy conditions, which can cause the water to blow away from the intended area.
  • Rotor irrigation: Rotor irrigation systems use rotating heads to distribute water over more extensive lawns like residential and commercial properties, parks, sports fields, and golf courses. Typically more efficient and effective than spray irrigation systems, they can deliver water at a slower rate, reducing runoff and evaporation.
  • Hoses: Hoses are very common in California homes but inefficient as they can wash away soil nutrients. If you use them on your property, you might find that they aren't up to the job.
  • Drip: A very efficient option, drip irrigation delivers water directly to plants' roots through a tubing or piping network and is considered one of the most effective methods.

For top-rated irrigation services in Brentwood, Aerations Plus has the tools required to make your lawn beautiful by watering less and saving money. 

How To Decide On The Right Lighting Plan For Your Brentwood Landscape

The best lighting plan can have a significant impact on your landscape. It can accentuate features, enable outdoor use during the night, provide safety, and increase your home's value. But how do you decide which lighting plan is right for your home?

The first step to choosing the right lighting plan is determining what to illuminate and why. For example, highlighting lawn features requires different outdoor landscaping lights than providing safety when walking your property. Your reason for installing lights will also impact the type you use.

Even if you have a design in mind, it's best to hire a lighting designer to help. They can ensure you use the correct number of lights in the right areas and follow any community lighting codes. If you're considering installing landscape lights in your yard, Aerations Plus can help. Our technicians can help you choose and install the best lighting to get the most from your landscape.

What's The Best Way To Dethatch Your Lawn In Brentwood?

Does your lawn have a thick layer of organic matter, like leaves and dead grass, that keeps it from growing and breathing? If so, it will benefit from professional lawn dethatching. This process allows the roots to have an ample water supply. Dethatching is best done when the weather cools down to prepare it for the hot summer months.

There are two main dethatching methods, raking and aeration. Raking is simply removing the thatch manually with a stiff-tined rake or another appropriate tool, while aeration is a more involved process that should be done by professionals. 

Dethatching a lawn regularly will make it healthier, greener, more resistant to pests and diseases, and improves the root system. It is crucial not to over-dethatch a lawn, as it can damage the roots, but to dethatch when the thatch layer is starting to be detrimental to your yard. Contact us today to learn more about our lawn services and how they can transform your property.

Brentwood and California generally have sandy, loamy soil and hot and dry weather, making it difficult to grow beautiful, lush lawns. But with the right tools and experience, you, too, can have a well-maintained, healthy property year-round. Our team of service professionals can show you how.

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