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Boyle Heights is a wonderful place to live. Just driving through our neighborhood provides locals with many amazing sights to see. These sights are especially beautiful when they have green lawns and well-manicured landscaping. Unfortunately, great turf does not grow on trees. It grows in the ground with assistance from people who know how to take care of it. The question is, do you have what it takes to take care of your lawn here in Boyle Heights, or is this a job better left to a professional?

Take some time today to consider lawn care in Boyle Heights and discover some interesting information about several common lawn care options. Call Aerations Plus if you would like to hear about our service options. We are experts in the field of lawn care and offer many amazing strategies to help property owners like you find their perfect lawn. 

When Is The Best Time Of Year To Overseed My Lawn In Boyle Heights?

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Everyone should have a goal for their lawn. Take a moment now to consider the current state of your turf and ask yourself, what would I like my grass to look like next year? We say next year because it often takes a few seasons to rejuvenate a lawn. It can take longer, depending on the current condition and health of your grass.

If you are currently dealing with lots of dry or dead spots across your turf, you might need to overseed your lawn. This is a process where a large amount of seed is distributed over a lawn without tearing up existing turf or soil. The goal of this process is to improve the density of turf and fill in bare spots. What is most important about this service is that you perform it during the right time of year. If you overseed during the summer seed will dry out and not take root. This is why we recommend having this service performed during the fall.

We work hard at Aerations Plus to best time when we overseed local properties, which greatly matters for its effectiveness. If you are considering overseeding your lawn, make sure you buy the right equipment, match the seed to your current grass type, and apply the seed properly and evenly. If you want help, we are here. Call Aerations Plus to schedule an appointment for your Boyle Heights lawn and find out the benefits of professional lawn seeding

Is Lawn Dethatching Good For My Boyle Heights Lawn?

Over time lawns develop a problem naturally. This problem involves dead grass and other plant growth settling at the base of healthy turf. This build-up of thatch chokes out lawns and prevents nutrients from entering the soil properly. You can check your lawn for thatch by using a garden trowel or spade to dig up a small wedge of turf. Check the connection between grass and soil for a layer of tangled, dead plant growth. If there is an inch or more of thatch between your grass and soil, it will have a hard time growing healthy.

If this is the case for you, consider the benefits of professional lawn dethatching.

This process uses surface tools to remove the top layers of thatch while leaving grass intact. Because dethatching is a delicate process, we make sure our team is trained and understands how to perform this service effectively. If you want to take on this task on your own, do your research to avoid harming your turf in the process. Contact Aerations Plus today to find out more about our dethatching services and make an appointment for your Boyle Heights lawn.

Does Lawn Aeration Actually Work For Boyle Heights Properties?

There are a lot of things that hurt lawns. Sometimes removing thatch is just not enough to give your turf what it needs to grow healthy and beautiful. Another common problem we often see here in Boyle Heights is impacted soil. The denser soil is, the harder it is for water and nutrients to get to the roots of the grass. This can eventually result in dead lawns.

Soil aeration is a process that has been around for nearly 50 years and has been solving these issues all this time. Despite this, many lawn care providers do not offer this service. We swear by it. Aeration is a process that creates small holes in a lawn. These holes immediately allow for better nutrient and water absorption. Over time they also help the soil to spread out, reducing its density. This works amazingly with our other advanced lawn care like weed control, fertilization, and irrigation.

Long story short, if you want a property that shines, this might be where you need to start. Call Aerations Plus today to find out if lawn aeration is right for you and schedule a service visit with our team.

The Best Method For Controlling Weeds In Boyle Heights

Weeds are one of the trickiest facets of lawn care. This is for a variety of reasons. To start, there are many different types of weeds in Boyle Heights; each affects grass differently. Some grow taller than turf making lawns look unkempt. Others grow parallel to the ground taking away the vital sun from nearby grass. Others choke out healthy ornamental plants using their roots.

Getting rid of weeds is just as difficult as identifying what types are causing your trouble. Some species need post-emergent treatments, while others need pre-emergent treatments. We work carefully to make sure that we are using the right treatments during the right time of year to effectively eliminate any and all weeds on properties we service. If you plan on taking on this task, do your research, as it is easy to waste money dealing with weeds.

For professional weed control, let us know if you need help. Aerations Plus are experts in our field and have everything you need to find and maintain a healthy lawn here in Boyle Heights.

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