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Do you value your property? If so, why? Many people enjoy their properties because of what they offer. Others enjoy them because they look beautiful. At Aerations Plus, we also value beauty. This is why we dedicate ourselves to high-quality lawn care services.

Now, there are many facets to lawn care. To understand what your yard needs, you should understand what methods we use to help turf grow happy and healthy.

Here is everything you need to know about lawn care in Bell, CA and how our team can help you find your dream yard. Contact Aerations Plus today to hear about our methods and service options directly. Our team will answer any questions you have and help you make an appointment for your Bell property. 

How To Create A Lawn Care Schedule In Bell

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There is a lot that goes into maintaining a lawn here in Bell. If you are an avid landscaper or would like to be one, it is important that you design a schedule for how you will take care of your property. This schedule might involve a variety of common lawn care necessities and look something like this:

  • Day 1: Fertilize
  • Day 2: Mow, rake and clean up debris
  • Day 3: Pull weeds and utilize proper weed control treatments
  • Day 4: Trim hedges and other ornamentals that need it
  • Day 5: Repair damage from fungus, disease, and common yard use
  • Weekend: Take a break and relax

Make sure with all of this that you are watering your grass as needed. If you do not have the time to take care of these things on your own but would still like to have gorgeous turf, consider hiring a professional. Our team at Aerations Plus has everything you could ever need to take care of your property year-round. Call us today and schedule with our team for services.

How Weeds Choke The Life Out Of Your Bell Lawn

It is easy to tell when a property is overrun with weeds. Now, different types of weeds cause different problems. Some sprout up and grow much faster than surrounding grass. This can make yards look overgrown even when they are regularly maintained. Others grow parallel with the dirt and create shadows over healthy turf, restricting their access to sunlight. There are also several species that choke plants from their roots and deny them the nutrients and moisture they need to survive.

To combat weeds on your property, you need to invest in some form of weed control. We highly recommend professional options. Aerations Plus includes weed control as part of our general lawn care services. Contact us today to learn more about these services and find out why we are right for your lawn.

Why Is Irrigation So Important In Bell?

Grass without water will die. Considering that we often go through dry spells here in California and that water use is often restricted, it is not uncommon to see dead lawns all across the state. Thankfully, there is a way to prevent this. It is called irrigation.

There are many options for irrigation installation that are available if you want to keep your grass healthy. Two popular options include sprinklers and drip systems. Methods like these evenly distribute water across the turf in a way that is eco-friendly and saves money on your monthly water bill. Many systems can be fully automated, which is especially nice. 

To find out what irrigation system will best fit your needs, talk with our team. We have many amazing options at Aerations Plus and would be happy to find one that best serves your yard. Call today to learn more.

The Benefit Of A Professional Fertilization Program In Bell

Your grass needs food to survive. Because most species of lawn grass are not native to California, fertilization is important to maintain their health. The challenge lies in picking the right product for the job. To understand what type of fertilizer your property needs, you have to perform a soil test to check PH levels; this, combined with a proper understanding of how PH levels and fertilizer work, can help you choose the right product at a local gardening store. Be careful with this, however. Choosing the wrong product will result in a waste of money and potential harm to your property’s grass. A professional has a deep understanding of how to pick fertilizers and implement them properly.

If you need help from our Aerations Plus team, we would be more than happy to perform this service on your Bell property. Take some time today to reach out to us and ask about our lawn fertilization in Bell. We will share more about how our methods work, explain what a dedicated lawn care plan would look like, and schedule you for a service visit.

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