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Bassett is a neighborhood within the greater Los Angeles community. As a primarily residential area, living here affords people the opportunity to get to know their neighbors. It also means being surrounded by global eateries, local businesses, and plenty of things to see and due. Another perk of living in Bassett is easy access to everywhere, given its proximity to the freeway. But even urbanites need help with their lawns from time to time.

At Aerations Plus, we deliver quality lawn care in Bassett that will meet your every need. We are a trusted name in expert lawn care, with more than 25 years of experience. Our company uses top-of-the-line equipment and offers a wide range of services, from irrigation installations to seeding. We also screen all of our technicians prior to hiring them and always provide timely and reliable service. For more information on our lawn care and to schedule your free, no-obligation lawn consultation, please call us today.

Why You Shouldn't Delay Repairing Your Bassett Sprinklers

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A sprinkler system is a fundamental part of maintaining your Bassett lawn, and there are lots of ways that your sprinklers could be in need of repair. If you notice issues such as drips or irregular watering, you shouldn’t delay repairing them. One of the most significant reasons for addressing sprinkler issues swiftly is the amount of water that your lawn will receive. If it’s getting too much water, then you run the risk of developing a fungal issue, and if it’s not getting enough water, then you may dry out your lawn. It’s also important to keep sprinklers functioning properly because you may end up spending more money and time to fix issues that can come as a result of their dysfunction.

The most effective way to fix sprinklers is with professional help. At Aerations Plus, we are experts at addressing the exact issues with your sprinklers and making the proper repairs to keep your lawn in top shape. For more information on sprinkler repair in Bassett, please call us today.

What Is The Purpose Of Lawn Aeration In Bassett

Lawn aeration is a vital component of keeping the lawns in Bassett healthy, but what exactly is it? In short, lawn aeration is the process by which a lawn professional strategically creates small holes around a lawn. Aeration also allows for two very vital things to happen: the more effective delivery of air as well as the delivery of water.

When lawn aeration occurs, the effects can also lead to deeper, sturdier roots for grass as well as increased grass growth overall. When lawns are properly fed and watered, they can also grow greener, become lusher, and have improved health as well.

Lawn aeration is also important because it can help combat the growth of thatch, which is a thick layer of decomposing roots, leaves, and twigs. When thatch grows over a lawn, it can prevent a lawn from getting the nutrients that it needs. For more information on lawn aeration in Bassett, call the pros at Aerations Plus today.

Tips To Keep Your Landscape Lighting Looking Amazing In Bassett

Landscape lighting can enhance your Bassett property and bring new life to it. Here are a few tips to keep your lighting looking sharp:

  • Maintain your plants and lawn. Instead of having shrubs, grass, and plants that are overgrown and hide lighting, it’s important to practice routine pruning. 
  • Change your bulbs. Just as you would with indoor lighting, make sure that you change out your bulbs when you need to. There are also energy-efficient options that can produce a diffused, soft light.
  • Don’t overdo it. When it comes to lighting, consider the old adage, “Less is more.” Sometimes you can do more for your curb appeal by using strategic light placement.
  • Work with a professional. By hiring a landscape lighting expert, you’ll benefit from an appropriate design plan, the best equipment, and someone who is always there to assist you.

For more information on landscape lighting services in Bassett, call Aerations Plus today.

Is Professional Lawn Care In Bassett Worth It?

While providing your Bassett lawn with the care that it needs on your own might seem like a simple task, there are actually many issues that could potentially arise that you’re likely not equipped to handle. Issues with irrigation systems develop for a host of reasons and they can lead to deep-rooted fungal outbreaks. There are also issues like sod that won’t take, lighting installation that requires an in-depth knowledge of your plants, and seeding that are all best left to the pros. In addition to benefiting from the knowledge and tools that a pro has, here are some other benefits that a professionally maintained lawn will offer:

  • A healthier lawn overall
  • Increased curb appeal
  • Protection from pest problems
  • Less noise pollution
  • Protection from bodily harm due to holes in the ground
  • Less time and money spent between regular visits
  • Never having to allow issues to grow undetected

For more information on professional lawn care services in Bassett, call Aerations Plus today.

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