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Baldwin Park is a suburban-style city that’s located approximately 20 minutes from both Los Angeles and Pasadena. The area has blossomed into a commuter community that gives its residents the best of both suburban and city living. There is no shortage of places to eat, good public schools, and local parks to appreciate. Baldwin Park is even home to a museum for an iconic local burger chain while also being miles away from Angeles National Forest. But part of living in a city does mean caring for your yard in very unique ways.

At Aerations Plus, we know that your lawn may encounter some brutal conditions throughout the year, from excessive heat to a lack of rain. For more than 25 years, we’ve been the team that countless homeowners and businesses call for trusted lawn care in Baldwin Park. When you partner with us for your lawn care needs, you’ll be working with the most well-trained and courteous technicians around. Some of our services include lawn aeration, irrigation system installation and repair, and landscape lighting. We promise our customers honesty, speedy service, and reliable support between visits. For more information on our work and to schedule your free lawn consultation, please call us today.

Five Tips For Weed Control In Baldwin Park

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Weeds are one of the most prevalent lawn issues that Baldwin Park homeowners can face. Here are five tips for keeping weeds under control:

  1. Avoid nurturing weeds. Whether people unknowingly fertilize or water weeds, it’s important to avoid giving them anything that would encourage their growth. Underground irrigation systems may help avoid watering weeds. 
  2. Eliminate weeds methodically. It’s important to start weeding lawns in the early spring and perform regular weeding throughout the summer. It’s also imperative to get the entire weed root out of the ground. 
  3. Fertilize intentionally. By using fertilizer for grass only, people can potentially encourage a lush lawn that actually snuffs out weeds. 
  4. Maintain lawn height. Part of preventing weed growth involves mowing lawns on a routine basis and not allowing them to surpass their ideal height for extended periods of time. People should start mowing when grass is approximately ⅓ of an inch past its ideal height. 
  5. Work with a pro. The most effective way to get rid of weeds and to keep them from becoming an issue is with services from a lawn care specialist. These treatments will come with unparalleled knowledge and top-shelf products. 

For more information on weed control services in Baldwin Park, please call us today.

What Does A Soil Amendment Consist Of In Baldwin Park?

Soil amendment might sound like an intimidating practice, but it’s actually a very straightforward treatment that helps Baldwin Park lawns operate more smoothly. This process often starts with a pH test to determine how acidic or basic a lawn is, which informs the kind of amendment that it will need. Then, the amendment must be placed specifically in the areas where it’s needed. This can be a detailed process that is not the same as, say, applying a fertilizer. Lastly, soil amendments require attention to results in order to determine if they’re working properly.

Some of the potential benefits of soil amendment include increased root depth, better water drainage, increased soil aeration, and lawns that are able to retain nutrients and moisture more effectively. All of these possible outcomes are imperative for local lawns that are likely to encounter harsh heat and little natural precipitation when they need it most. At Aerations Plus, we provide professional support for soil amendments. We perform comprehensive lawn consultations and soil assessments in order to understand a yard’s unique needs. Our skilled technicians then use this information to determine the proper kind of amendment that will function best for the lawn at hand. For more information on our soil amendment services in Baldwin Park, please call us today.

How Landscape Lighting Can Light Up Your Baldwin Park Lawn

Your Baldwin Park home is beautiful, but landscape lighting can extend that beauty even further. Landscape lighting not only gives you more time to spend outside your home once the sun goes down, but also present great opportunities to emphasize your home's best features and add a dramatic overall appeal to your home.

If you're looking for expert landscape lighting services for your Baldwin Park home, look no further: we have all the tools you need. Our landscape lighting services are the perfect addition to compound your home's beauty and help you make more out of your time at home. Contact us today for more details about professional landscape lighting for your Baldwin home.

Tips To Keeping Your Baldwin Park Lawn Properly Fertilized

Fertilizing your Baldwin Park lawn can be one of the most reliable ways to improve its overall health and ensure that it receives the proper nutrition. Here are a few important tips to keep it fed:

  • Consider aeration. By aerating your lawn, you place strategic holes in the soil, which will create a more direct path for the nutrients that fertilizers deliver. 
  • Eliminate thatch. Thatch is a layer of decomposing roots, twigs, leaves, and other debris that grow together and keep your lawn from getting thoroughly fed. You’ll want to rake to eliminate this layer. 
  • Pick the right time. When you live in Baldwin Park, you have a warm-season lawn. Part of what this means is that the ideal time to fertilize it is the entire summer season. 
  • Make the right choice. Not every lawn will respond well to the same kind of fertilizer, so be sure to pick the appropriate choice. In some instances it might mean using compost. 
  • Bring in help. If you want to ensure that your lawn is always properly fertilized, consider seeking professional help. These services will be tailored specifically to your needs and come with reliable support to help you reach your goals. 

For more information on Baldwin Park fertilization services for your lawn, please call Aerations Plus today.

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