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Avocado Heights is known as a friendly community that’s nestled in the heart of the San Gabriel Valley. Residents here have access to the extensive local walking path as well as parks, a petting zoo, and the country club. There are also bakeries, coffee shops, and restaurants that are filled with local flavor. Avocado Heights is also a place where lots of industries come to plant their roots, and because of its proximity to Los Angeles, it has an advantage over lots of other places. But with environmental conditions and urban factors, local lawns are often lacking the nutrition that they need to reach peak health.

At Aerations Plus, we provide quality lawn care in Avocado Heights that is custom-tailored to your needs. Our work is informed by more than 25 years of experience and we use top-shelf products and equipment. Each of our landscape technicians is trained and qualified to care for your property. We provide free consultations in order to determine your exact needs and ensure that your lawn gets the attention it deserves. For more information on our services, please call us today. 

Lawn Seeding: Tricks To A Beautiful Yard In Avocado Heights

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Lawn seeding is the practice of applying new seeds to parts of Avocado Heights lawns that might be sparse and in need of help. This process also provides countless other benefits that include protection from pests and diseases, reduction in fertilizer and water usage, and less work in the long term. Seeding does, however, entail that people have a full understanding of their soil, perform aeration, and follow the right aftercare solutions.

At Aerations Plus, we help our customers determine if seeding is the best route for their lawn. If we’ve made this determination, we will help customers choose the right seed and method for their property. We are also there to provide support once seeding has been performed. For more information on lawn seeding services in Avocado Heights, please call us today.

The Benefits Of Resodding Your Avocado Heights Lawn

Resodding your Avocado Heights lawn is something that might occur every decade or so depending on the amount of traffic that your yard sees, along with other factors. One of the most significant benefits of resodding your lawn is a lusher and more vibrant lawn. Another benefit of resodding over reseeding is the faster turnaround for a green lawn. You may also benefit from a more streamlined immediate care protocol than if you were to seed your lawn.

At Aerations Plus, we provide sod installation in Avocado Heights that includes helping to care for your newly sodded lawn. We are backed by decades of experience and all of our technicians have been extensively trained prior to arriving at your home. For more information on resodding your lawn, call us today.

Tips To Maintain Your Recent Sod Installation In Avocado Heights

Installing sod can be a very effective way to encourage the growth of new grass on your Avocado Heights property. That said, there are some very important rules that you need to follow in order to increase its chances of taking root. Here are a few tips to incorporate:

  • Be deliberate about mowing. While every lawn has different needs, you typically want to avoid mowing for at least a month. Once blades of grass have grown to approximately three inches in height, you should be clear to mow. 
  • Water on a schedule. Routine and consistent watering is imperative for new sod, but you also don’t want to oversaturate your lawn or it can cause rot. Start watering before the sun rises and continue in intervals.
  • Stay clear. Try to prevent walking on new sod directly after it’s been installed to avoid damaging roots and soil. 
  • Bring in help. The most effective way to ensure the success of your newly installed sod is with help from a landscape professional. These services will provide routine maintenance and support where you need them. 

For more information on sod installation support for your lawn, call Aerations Plus today. 

The Easiest Way To Add Lighting To Your Avocado Heights Lawn

A lighting scape is one of the most effective ways to amp up your Avocado Heights lawn. Not only can this implementation increase your curb appeal but it can also make your property more secure and allow you to extend the amount of time that you can enjoy it on any given day. This type of work, however, requires an in-depth understanding of your landscape, the local environment, and electrical work that you might not possess. That’s why the easiest way to implement a lighting plan is with professional help. 

At Aerations Plus, we are your trusted team for professional lighting installations. Our expert technicians will start by assessing your lawn and becoming familiar with the nuances of your property. We then use this information to create a landscape design that is unique to your yard. We install all of the lighting and we’ll be there to support you as the lighting takes shape. For more information on landscape lighting in Avocado Heights for your home, please call us today.

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