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Avalon is a waterfront community that’s located on the coast of California’s Santa Catalina Island. This remote area is approximately three hours off the coast of Los Angeles via ferry, but the island itself has a regional airport as well. Avalon has its share of year-round residents who enjoy the botanical gardens, golf courses, beaches, and historical sites. Downtown is a quaint collection of shops, restaurants, and scenic overlooks. Avalon is a very lush area, so it’s no surprise that residents need their share of help maintaining their lawns.

At Aerations Plus, we provide comprehensive lawn care in Avalon that is backed by more than 25 years of experience. We are a team of highly skilled lawn experts who utilize top-shelf equipment and the latest technology. If you suspect that your lawn isn’t as healthy as it could be or you need help designing and installing a lighting scheme, we can help! For more information on our services and to schedule your free lawn consultation, please call us today. 

How To Prepare Your Avalon Property For Sod Installation

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Sod is a product that includes grass and a layer of soil. It’s laid on top of the ground in Avalon yards in some situations to encourage new grass growth. There is, however, a series of preparations that need to be performed before sod can be installed. Those steps include:

  • Understand pH levels. Prior to laying sod, it’s important for people to understand how acidic their soil is first as it speaks to certain nutrients that lawns will need to take shape. 
  • Make space. Before addressing the soil itself, it’s necessary to clear away any piles of bricks, stones, logs, and other yard clutter. 
  • Prepare soil. An imperative part of successfully laying sod includes tilling soil and adding a layer of topsoil. This will help get rid of weeds and pack the soil with nutrients.
  • Work with a professional. The most effective way to prepare a property for new sod is with assistance from a landscaping expert. They can also install your sod and ensure that it’s properly cared for after installation. 

For more information on sod installation in Avalon, call Aerations Plus today.

How To Decide On The Right Lighting Plan For Your Avalon Landscape

Having the right lighting design for your Avalon yard can have some significant benefits. It can make your property a safer place, allow you to spend more time outside, increase curb appeal, and accentuate certain parts of your yard. But how are you supposed to decide on how to best light your property?

The secret to a great lighting scheme is professional services from Aerations Plus. Our team of landscape experts are highly trained and backed by decades of experience. We combine comprehensive lawn assessments with our knowledge of specific plant and landscape needs to present you with the perfect plan. These services are imperative to ensure that no harm comes to your lawn. If you decide to move forward with our services, we’ll utilize the highest quality equipment and perform all of the electrical wiring work to bring your yard to life. For more information on our landscape lighting services in Avalon, please call us today.

Signs Lawn Aeration Could Benefit Your Avalon Lawn

Your Avalon lawn might be in need of aeration, which is the process of systematically creating small holes in the yard to create a direct pathway for water, sun, air, and nutrients. Here are a few signs that your lawn might need to be aerated:

  • Thatch is growing on your lawn.
  • Grass is not lush or green. 
  • Soil feels compacted or hard.
  • There are water puddles in your lawn after a big rain.
  • You notice the development of brown grass, which may be a fungal disease.

If you don’t notice these signs in your lawn, there’s still a good chance that your lawn could benefit from aeration services. At Aerations Plus, we provide free lawn consultations to help homeowners like you determine how to make your lawn as healthy as possible. If we determine that aeration is important, we will move forward with these services. For more information on lawn aeration in Avalon, please call us today.

Sprinkler Problems You Shouldn't Fix Yourself In Avalon

When it comes to any sort of issues with your Avalon sprinkler, it’s best that you not try to address them on your own. Some of those include:

  • Congested sprinkler heads
  • Drips
  • Buzzing pumps
  • Irregular watering
  • Trouble with automation
  • Leaks
  • Bad water pressure

It can be tough to diagnose the exact problems that your sprinklers are having, and oftentimes you’re left with the result, which can be oversaturated lawns or areas that are very thirsty. Instead of guessing what’s wrong with your sprinkler system or trying to fix it on your own, the best thing to do is call the professionals at Aerations Plus. We provide free inspections to determine what’s causing your sprinklers to function irregularly. If you desire a simpler sprinkler fix, we can provide the repairs. We also offer our Quarterly Water-Wise Program that delivers routine sprinkler inspections in order to keep your lawn healthy and save you money. For more information on our sprinkler repair services in Avalon, please call us today.

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