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Arleta has a rich culture, beautiful parks, and all of the benefits of the ideal suburban life. One of these benefits is having a beautiful, lush, and healthy lawn. Whether you own a home or business here, having the landscaping you’re looking for depends on the time, effort, and expertise used to care for it. That’s why our experts here at Aerations Plus are here to provide you with the best Arleta lawn care services available!

Over 25 years ago, this company was founded and set out on a mission to provide outstanding lawn maintenance services to our friends and neighbors in the community we love. We’re a locally owned and operated company that truly cares about the ability of property owners in our area to thrive. We go above and beyond for our value customers, putting over 25 years of experience to use to get them the beautiful and healthy lawns they’re looking for. 

Whether you need lawn care, sprinkler repair, sod installation, or landscaping services in Arleta, our experts have got you covered. With high–end equipment and knowledgeable technicians, we provide you with the next-level lawn you want for your prized property. When you need top-notch communication and customer service matched with unbeatable craft, our local small company is the best choice to cater to all of your lawn care maintenance needs.

Efficient lawn irrigation systems, including highly-efficient drip systems, are some of the most effective ways we help local property owners save money while enhancing their curb appeal. Sprinkler repairs and replacements are also vital to the financial and aesthetic value of local properties.

Take advantage of our premier services by contacting us today! We offer free lawn consultations, evaluations, and estimates conducted in a timely and honest way. Get started saving money, watering less, and getting the best possible results for your lawn and garden!

How To Tell if Your Arleta Lawn Needs Irrigation Services

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If you’re experiencing some issues with your irrigation system, you may need irrigation repair services in Arleta. Our experts are here to help address any issues your system may be experiencing. But how do you know that your system is acting up? There are some telltale signs that point to a problem with your current irrigation system.

  • Pooling water
  • Low water pressure
  • Exorbitant water bills

If you don’t currently have an irrigation system installed, these signs can also point to the need for you to invest in one.

If your water bills are too high, an efficient irrigation system can counteract them. Using a hose or broken system will inevitably cost you more money.

If your plants are in bad condition, under or over-watering could be the culprit. Yellow, parched, and dying plants or grass are probably underwatered, while the presence of fungus, rot, and soil erosion point to overwatering. A fully functional irrigation system will ensure your plants get the right amount of water so they can grow healthfully.

If your best efforts aren’t getting the right results, you may need help from a perfectly operational irrigation system. When it’s functioning properly, it will ensure that water gets to where it’s needed on your unique property.

Is It Good To Dethatch Your Arleta Lawn?

“Thatch” is the dead grass and soil that can accumulate on top of your lawn. There are many benefits to dethatching your lawn or removing this layer so that grass can receive nourishment from water and sunlight. The trick to dethatching correctly is to do it at the right time.

If the thatch layer is less than ½” thick, it can actually help your lawn by acting as mulch and compost. It shades your grass while providing the soil with microbes and worms that break down nutrients, fertilizing your lawn. These are all great reasons to wait until the thatch layer is thicker to remove it.

Dethatching in Arleta at the wrong time of year can cut your grass too short and hurt your lawn. It’s important to rely on dethatching professionals like our experts at Aerations Plus to ensure this project is completed correctly and at the right time!

When conducted at the perfect time, dethatching is great for your lawn. It reduces fungal diseases by getting rid of the conditions where they can thrive. It also helps to prevent pests who find thick thatch layers comfortable places to nest. Additionally, it lets your grass access compost, sunlight, and water that can be blocked by a thick thatch layer. When it comes to planting grass seeds, thatch has to be removed so that seeds can access the soil, germinate, and start to grow.

If you’re wondering how to dethatch a lawn, the answer is as easy as contacting our experienced professionals at Aerations Plus! Give us a call for your free lawn dethatching estimate today.

Five Tips For Effective Weed Control In Arleta

There are many ways to control weeds in Arleta, but here are five of the most effective weed control tips you can try:

  1. Learn about your soil type: Is your soil alkaline or acidic? Knowing the answer can go a long way in using the proper weed prevention strategies.
  2. Get educated on the various types of weeds: Learning to recognize the weeds listed above will help avoid using the wrong treatments.
  3. Try different weed removal techniques: From hand-pulling, which is often best for small patches and recent infestation, to more robust treatments, there are many ways to control weeds on your own.
  4. Consider mulching and other prevention practices: Weeds are notorious for returning, but mulching can prevent them from germinating and is cost-effective.
  5. Experiment with natural treatments: Chemicals can harm your plants and might not be effective with many types of weeds. Call us today to schedule a visit to your property, and we can recommend treatments that are safe for your landscaping and also effective.

If homemade weed control strategies are not working as well as you'd like, Aerations Plus has a whole team of experts who can help you achieve a healthy, lush lawn free of weeds and unwanted pests with top-rated weed control services in Arleta.

Is The California Climate Drying Out Your Arleta Lawn?

If the beautiful weather isn’t making your lawn as beautiful as it could be, we’ve got the solution. We’re experts in irrigation installation, here to help you get the right amount of water to your lawn all year long with an efficient system designed for your unique property. Step away from the hose, and pick up the phone to call us so you can get the most out of every drop of water you spend!

Our lawn irrigation service in Arleta is tailored to your landscape’s unique needs. We design and install systems that get water where it needs to go in balanced amounts to support a healthy and thriving landscape. Our sprinkler, rotor, and highly efficient drip systems will cater to the needs of the lawn you love. Give us a call for your free consultation, evaluation, and estimate today!

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