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Whether you love parks, race tracks, or being close to a bustling city, Arcadia is an amazing place to live. If you own a residential or commercial property in Arcadia, you know how wonderful it is to live in this beautiful place! At Aerations Plus, we’re here to help make your experience even more beautiful by providing outstanding Arcadia lawn care services.

We started our company over 25 years ago with the goal of providing exceptional lawn maintenance services that can take your property and quality of life to the next level. Our locally owned and operated company is here to help local property owners thrive by providing them with aesthetically vibrant and healthy lawns.

We use over 25 years of industry experience to provide superior lawn care, sprinkler repair, sod installation, and landscaping services for Arcadia. With high-end equipment, we get our valued customers the high-quality caliber results they’re looking for. Our craft, communication, and customer service skills are unprecedented in the area, allowing us to provide an unbeatable customer experience overall.

We provide efficient lawn irrigation systems as well as sprinkler repairs and replacements, including highly efficient drip irrigation systems. We can handle any lawn care maintenance projects you need to beautify and enhance the visual appeal of your property.

Get started working with Aerations Plus today by contacting us for a free lawn consultation, evaluation, and estimate! Our experienced technicians provide timely and honest service so that you can save money, water less, and get exquisite results for your lawn and garden.

What Is Lawn Dethatching And Why Is It Needed In Arcadia?

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Lawn dethatching is the process of removing the “thatch” layer. Thatch is a term referring to dead grass and soil that can accumulate on your lawn for a variety of reasons, typically including:

  • Dogs digging into the lawn
  • Regular foot traffic
  • Fertilizer burn
  • Damage from winter weather
  • Pest damage

Lawn dethatching service in Arcadia removes this layer of unkempt material so that your grass receives adequate moisture and sunlight. This allows your grass to grow healthfully, getting that strong, lush lawn you’re looking for.

This service also reduces fungal diseases in your grass by creating conditions where their growth isn’t supported. It helps to prevent pest infestations by eliminating thatch, which can be an attractive habitat for them. Dethatching gives compost access to your grass, as well as new grass seed so it can reach your soil, germinate, and begin to grow.

If you’re wondering how to dethatch a lawn, the answer is as easy as contacting our professionals here at Aerations Plus for your free estimate today!

The Importance Of The Right Amount Of Water For Your Arcadia Lawn

Too much or too little water can make your lawn unhealthy and unsightly. It can be difficult to determine the delicate balance of water your lawn needs to be its best. That’s why our experienced professionals at Aerations Plus are here to help!

We offer the Quarterly Water-Wise Program to make sure your sprinklers and irrigation system are working to provide your lawn with the exact amount of water it needs. By ensuring the system is working efficiently and effectively, we’re able to keep your grass and garden perfectly healthy while saving money on your water bill in the process.

Our experts inspect your lawn’s sprinkler heads and drip systems, clean dirt and debris from nozzles and soaker hoses, and adjust the spray direction to avoid water waste. We also adjust your timer in accordance with the season and inspect valves for wiring issues and leaking.

As part of this premier service, we’ll replace up to 3 damaged or broken sprinkler heads and repair or rewire any valves that need attention. Keep your lawn well-watered by relying on our experts to keep your irrigation system in pristine condition with the best irrigation repair services in Arcadia.

How To Prepare For Professional Lawn Seeding In Arcadia

Before your professional hydroseeding service in Arcadia, follow these steps to ensure your lawn is ready to go!

  1. Clear the area by removing plant material, weeds, roots, twigs, sticks, pavers, furniture, etc.
  2. Rotavate your soil at least 6 inches deep
  3. Take advantage of our soil alteration service to improve soil quality
  4. Level the area with a rake
  5. Tread the soil to create a firmer surface
  6. Water the area and let it settle for 48 hours
  7. Enlist our lawn fertilization service to help grass root quickly
  8. Rake once more before your hydroseeding appointment

If you follow every step, you’re practically guaranteed to have a full, lush, healthy, and aesthetically valuable lawn! We’re here to help make more specific recommendations based on your unique property. To understand what course of action is perfect for your property, give our experts a call today!

Are You Struggling To Deal With Weeds In Your Arcadia Yard?

When weeds get out of hand, pulling them out by hand can be an exhausting and time-consuming task. If you’re wondering how to kill weeds in your lawn, the answer is as easy as relying on our weed control professionals! We’ll get the weeds out of the way so that your lawn and garden can grow uninhibited. 

First, we test your soil and identify the weeds that you’re dealing with. Then, we remove the weeds and spray herbicide tailored to the problem at hand. That way, we can target the weeds without causing any harm to the lawn or plants you love!

Properties in Arcadia usually suffer from 4 main weed culprits, including:

  • Nutgrass (shiny leaves)
  • Wood sorrel (maroon or yellow clover-looking weeds)
  • Field bindweed (white and pink flowers with yellow centers)
  • Bermuda grass (tough, long grass look)

Without proper treatment, these weeds can resist being eliminated. They can linger and continue stealing nutrients from your plants and grass, even if you spend lots of time and effort trying to get rid of them. Rely on our experienced professionals at Aerations Plus to eliminate every last weed with our effective weed control services in Arcadia.

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