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If you’re looking for a beautiful place with tons of recreational activities, Alondra Park is the place to be! This town has scenic views and plenty to do. We’re here to help bring that scenic beauty home with you by providing you with a lush, healthy, and green lawn.

We founded our company more than 25 years ago, setting out on a mission to provide the community we love with outstanding lawn maintenance services. We’re proud to serve local property owners by putting our expertise and skillset to use. Aerations Plus is a locally owned and operated company that attentively cares for your lawn to get you the gorgeous results you’re looking for.

25 years of industry experience allows us to provide services for lawn care in Alondra Park that goes above and beyond the norm. Whether you need lawn care, sprinkler repair, sod installation, irrigation system installation, or landscaping services, we’re the company to call. We use craft, communication, and customer service to tailor our premier services to your unique property, as well as your specifications and expectations as our valued customers.

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The Many Benefits Of Soil Amendments For Your Alondra Park Yard

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Soil doesn’t enjoy the beautiful SoCal climate as much as we do! Excessive sunlight and lack of rain can actually make soil dry and cause it to be low in nutrients. That’s why it can be so difficult, or even impossible, to grow a healthy and lush lawn on your property.

That’s where our soil amendment service comes into play. We can bring your soil back to life so that it can absorb and return water, allowing grass seeds to get the nourishment they need. With the use of compost, manure, or chemicals to improve pH balance, we can make your soil a healthy and conducive environment for grass growth.

There are a wealth of benefits our soil amendment service has to offer, including:

  • Improved lawn aeration
  • Water and nutrient retention
  • Better root depth allowance
  • Efficient drainage

These qualities create the conditions for a healthfully lush lawn to grow. Common soil amendments our company uses for yards in Alondra Park include:

  • Gypsum
  • Lime
  • Compost
  • Sulfur
  • Ammonium sulfate

No matter what your soil needs, we’ll be able to make the required adjustments to its composition. Rely on our experts to help set your lawn up for success. Give us a call to get the process started today!

The Best Way To Keep Your Alondra Park Lawn Properly Fertilized

The best way to keep your Alondra Park lawn properly fertilized is to rely on professional help from our experts. We have 25 years of industry experience, enabling us to provide a truly exceptional lawn fertilization service in Alondra Park. Make sure your grass seeds get the nourishment they need by scheduling your appointment with us today!

We’re here to counteract the SoCal climate, creating ideal conditions for your grass to grow. We fertilize your lawn in the perfect timing window - during the cool spring and fall months. We use a fertilizer that isn’t conducive to weed growth without sacrificing any nutrients for your grass. Leave the work to our experts, and experience a beautifully healthy growing lawn.

What Is The Best Time Of Year To Irrigate Your Alondra Park Lawn?

The best time of year to irrigate your lawn in Alondra Park will depend on many factors, like the weather conditions, the type of grass, and the soil composition of your yard.

In general, we recommend watering your lawn early in the morning throughout the year, when temperatures are cooler and there is a reduced chance of evaporation, rather than at night which might encourage fungal growth.

Some grasses will require watering during the summer, when the weather is hot and dry, to stay green as they can be more susceptible to drought stress. Others are best watered in the spring and fall when actively growing. For the most part, Spring, Winter, and Fall aren't as harsh as Summer heat and will require less water.

Don't hesitate to contact us at Aerations Plus for all your seasonal lawn care questions. Our team of experts is trained to provide irrigation services in Alondra Park that help conserve water and save money.

Lawn Seeding: Cultivating A Beautiful Alondra Park Lawn

In Alondra Park, dry seed will only get your lawn so far. That’s why we’re here to help as the most trusted hydroseeding company in the area. Hydroseeding service is a type of grass seed that’s full of fertilizer and nutrients that allow them to sprout within 3-6 weeks. If you’re looking for a lush lawn at a rapid growth rate, we’ve got what you need.

If you’re wondering how to seed a lawn, you don’t need to take on the task yourself. Leave the work to us so this project is expertly conducted. This type of lawn maintenance needs to be done right the first time - or you could have a lackluster lawn for months on end.

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