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Alhambra is rich in theaters, entertainment, museums, and beautiful architecture. Whether you love the history of this area or what it has to offer now more, there are plenty of reasons to love Alhambra! Make the most of your experience living or working here by providing your property with the best lawn care in Alhambra.

Over 25 years ago, we created Aerations Plus to provide high-quality lawn maintenance services to our friends and neighbors in the community we love. Enhance your quality of life by coming home to the welcoming sight of a green, lush lawn. We’re a locally owned and operated company that will give your outdoor space the attention and care it needs to look its best.

25 years of industry experience has enabled us to provide local property owners with exceptional lawn care, sprinkler repair, sod installation, and landscaping services. We offer top-notch craft, communication, and customer service to create an unbeatable experience for our valued customers. Rely on us for your lawn care maintenance needs, and watch your beautiful lawn grow!

Get started working with Aerations Plus today by contacting us for a free lawn consultation, evaluation, and estimate. We’re here to help with timely and honest service, helping you save money, water less, and get gorgeous results for your lawn and garden.

Why Is Lawn Fertilization Important In Alhambra?

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Watering isn’t enough to get you the vibrant, healthy lawn you’re looking for. Fertilizing your lawn well is essential to getting successful results. Fertilizer provides grass seeds with the nutrients they need to grow healthfully and form thick, aesthetically valuable blades. Aerating your lawn so that the fertilizer can reach the seeds is also an important factor.

The SoCal weather in Alhambra gives us a small fertilizing window in the cooler Spring and Fall months to take advantage of. We’re here to help with our lawn fertilization services in Alhambra exactly when you need it.

When we fertilize your lawn, we incorporate a solution that controls weeds while still supporting grass growth. This gives you everything you want from your lawn and nothing you don’t.

Save money and time by leaving the work to our experienced professionals. Contact us for your consultation today!

Tips To Encourage Your Grass Seed To Grow In Alhambra

Encouraging your grass seed to grow starts with deciding which seed is best to use. If you’re wondering how to seed a lawn in Alhambra, the answer is as simple as calling on our professionals for help. Whether you choose cost-effective dry seed or nutrient and fertilizer-rich hydroseed, we’re here to help!

Then, encourage grass growth by having us install an irrigation system that will provide the perfect amount of water for your lawn. We offer sprinkler, rotor, and highly efficient drip systems that can help you save effort and money on your water bill.

We’re proud to be the most trusted hydroseeding company in Alhambra. Give us a call for your free consultation, evaluation, and estimate today!

Irrigation Installation Options For Homes In Alhambra

Using a hose alone isn’t necessarily going to get you the beautifully lush lawn you’re looking for. It’s also an inconvenient task to take on yourself all year long. Not only is it a nuisance, but it can also be an expensive endeavor that leads to excessive water bills. With the time and money invested in the project, many property owners still don’t get the aesthetic results they want.

Luckily, there’s a better way! We can install an irrigation system that keeps your lawn lush while making effective use of every drop of water spent. Our lawn irrigation service in Alhambra is tailored to your expectations, specifications, and the unique needs of your property. We have a variety of options for you to choose from so you can get the irrigation system that works best for you!

Our experts can install a sprinkler system that effectively covers small or medium patches of landscape. They’re efficient accomplices in your goal of getting a beautiful, healthy lawn! We offer manual systems so you can have hands-on control or automatic systems so you can take this task off your to-do list - with exceptions for slight adjustments in accordance with rainy days or sweltering summer heat.

Rotor systems can handle large areas of land. They’re designed to time watering for different areas so water can sink into the soil and nourish the roots of your grass and plants.

Last but not least is the drip system, which is the most efficient lawn irrigation system available. With the least amount of water, they effectively nourish your landscape, no matter the size. As far as return on investment is concerned, drip systems are the best option on the market. They mitigate water loss due to evaporation and slowly drip water onto topsoil so it can seep down to thirsty roots.

Our experienced professionals will be able to help make a recommendation for your lawn’s subjective needs. Bring us out to your property for a free evaluation and estimate today!

How To Prepare For A Sod Installation In Alhambra

Our sod installation service is here for you if your land is stubbornly rejecting grass growth. In order to get the success you’re looking for, follow these tips to prepare effectively for your sod installation!

  • Call us to schedule your sod installation appointment to ensure it’s a conducive time of year
  • Rely on our soil alteration service to make sure land more supportive for grass growth
  • Remove any existing grass with a sod cutter
  • Clear the area of rocks and plant debris
  • Till the soil at least 6 inches deep
  • Level the area for proper drainage
  • Tread the soil to create a firmer surface

Take on our SoCal climate by answering excessive sun and dry conditions with a sod installations service! Follow these tips to prepare, and your grass will be more likely to root and grow. Successful sod helps to increase your property’s value, improve area cooling, prevent erosion and floods, and improve your water quality. Get the effective and beautiful lawn you want for the property you love in Alhambra with help from our experienced professionals at Aerations Plus. 

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