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Sitting in the Santa Monica Mountains, Agoura Hills is a suburb of Los Angeles known for its live music scene. The city has several restaurants and parks, as well as highly-rated schools. These attributes make Agoura Hills a great place to live and work.

The homes in this city are valuable because of the neighborhoods and their condition. Lawns factor into these values because yards are among the first things potential buyers notice, impacting the home's curb appeal. For this reason, quality lawn care in Agoura Hills is essential.

Maintaining a quality lawn is more than simply cutting the grass. The professionals at Aerations Plus have the knowledge and tools to keep your yard looking pristine.

What Does Sod Installation Consist Of In Agoura Hills?

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Whether your yard needs a refresh or you have bare spots, laying new sod is a great way to have a well-manicured lawn. But what goes into sod installation in Agoura Hills?

Replacing or laying sod requires time and patience. After choosing your grass, installing the sod usually includes the following steps:

  • Measure the area: Walk your yard, measuring how many square feet of sod you need.
  • Prepare the soil: Loosening the soil before planting new sod avoids compaction.
  • Lay the new sod in rows: Plant the sod in staggered rows to mitigate downhill slopes.
  • Press the sod: Use a roller to evenly press the sod, allowing it to put down roots.

After planting the sod, it requires immediate watering to take root. You should also avoid walking on the sod before the roots have a chance to establish themselves, usually around two weeks after installation.

It can be tempting to lay sod yourself, but one mistake could ruin the process. Our experts at Aerations Plus have the tools and experience to ensure your new lawn looks ideal. Call us today if you want new sod for your yard.

The Benefits Of Beautiful Landscape Lighting In Agoura Hills

Homeowners spend a lot of time and money on their landscaping. A beautiful yard can be a source of pride, provide relaxation, and increase the value of your home. While lights can have a role in your landscaping design, they also have practical uses.

The best lights for your landscape depend upon your yard's design. They should highlight certain features when the sun goes down and provide a functional purpose. Knowing the benefits of landscape lighting in Agoura Hills will help you decide how to display your lights. Some benefits of landscape lighting include the following:

  • Extend your living space: Landscape lighting allows you to use your outdoor space at night.
  • Provide security: A well-lit home deters potential intruders from entering your property.
  • Reduce hazards: Lights enable you to see where you're going at night, ensuring you remain on your walking path and avoid obstacles.
  • Increase your home's value: Light enhances your landscaping, improving your home's curb appeal.

As you can see, landscape lighting can significantly impact your home when done correctly. At Aerations Plus, we know how to install the lighting to provide the most benefits. Contact us today to experience the benefits of landscape lighting around your house.

How To Identify Your Agoura Hills Lawn's Water Needs

There are many ways to identify your lawn's water needs, but it can be challenging to find the appropriate solutions without proper training. Still, the following can give you clues as to what your lawn might be missing:

  • Brown or yellow patches: A clear sign that your lawn is distressed; discolorations can indicate issues like drought, disease, pests, fungal infections, over-watering, or poor drainage.
  • Bare areas: Often caused by a lack of nutrients, disease, pests, or water, empty spots can grow to cover your entire lawn.
  • Fungal growth: Mushrooms, fairy rings, and other fungal growths can indicate poor soil conditions or excessive moisture and a lack of sunlight.
  • Weeds: This common problem can mean poor soil conditions, lack of nutrients, or lack of proper maintenance. Weeds can absorb essential water from your lawn.
  • Pest damage: Grubs, bugs, and some worms can cause damage that will show up as brown patches and thinning.
  • Soil compaction: Grass needs air, and if your soil is compacted, often from foot traffic, your grass will be unhealthy and absorb less water. At Aerations Plus, we provide lawn aeration in Agoura Hills to give you flawless grass year-round. 

Contact us today to discover how our lawn services can help your yard go from dull and lifeless to green and vibrant.

Do You Need Your Sprinklers Fixed In Agoura Hills?

Lawns need water to remain healthy, but too much or too little can damage your grass. Modern sprinklers work on timers, reducing the need for homeowners to pay attention to them. It's noticeable when your sprinklers aren't working correctly, but the reason for the malfunction might not be apparent.

Sprinklers can malfunction for several reasons. It could be a broken sprinkler head, controller problems, water value issues, or broken pipes. Determining why your sprinklers aren't working is the first step to repairing the problem.

Attempting to resolve a sprinkler problem yourself could result in overwatering or underwatering. Fortunately, Aerations Plus can diagnose your sprinkler problem and determine how to fix it. Call us if you need a sprinkler system repair in Agoura Hills.

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