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One of the oldest neighborhoods in Los Angeles, Adams-Normandie, is near downtown. It’s within walking distance of the University of Southern California, the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, and the Expo Line, making it a good location for college students, sports fans, and commuters.

Once one of the most affluent communities in Los Angeles, many homes in the area have spacious lawns. Letting weeds overtake your yard or grass grow uncontrollably can negatively impact the value of your home. Fortunately, Adams-Normandie lawn care professionals are here to help.

Aerations Plus is a local lawn care company serving Los Angeles residents. We can help with irrigation, dethatching, aeration, and lighting to keep your property looking beautiful.

How To Add Tasteful Lighting To Your Adams-Normandie Landscaping

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Tasteful landscape lighting in Adams-Normandie can benefit your home in several ways. It can highlight features, provide safety when walking, deter unwanted visitors, and create outdoor living spaces. However, not all lights fit your home, and the right choice depends on multiple factors.

The best lights for your landscape is a personal choice, but some universal tips ensure they’re tasteful, such as:

  • Avoid grouping lights: You might consider grouping lights for brightness, but this usually draws attention away from landscape features.
  • Direct lights on objects from different directions: Shining lights from various spots at an object creates a spotlight effect.
  • Stagger lights: When lighting a pathway, avoid placing them directly across from each other.
  • Hire a lighting designer: A lighting designer can help design a landscape lighting plan to achieve your goals.

Adding tasteful lights to your landscaping can significantly impact your home. At Aerations Plus, our technicians can help install the perfect lights for your property, ensuring you get the most out of your landscape.

How Sprinklers Are A Necessity To Keep Grass In Adams-Normandie Green

Watering your lawn is essential to keeping your grass green. It helps the soil absorb nutrients and minerals, promotes photosynthesis, and prevents dead patches. Lawn sprinkler systems make it easier to provide the right amount of water.

When installing an irrigation system for your yard, sprinklers are strategically placed around your property, ensuring your grass receives enough water. The system works on a timer to keep from underwatering or overwatering and saves the homeowner from manually completing the task.

When you call Aerations Plus for your sprinkler system, we’ll make sure your sprinklers provide the necessary amount of water and no more. We also offer quarterly service to ensure your system is working effectively. Contact us today if you need assistance with your sprinklers or are looking to install a new system.

Tips To Maintain Your Recent Sod Installation In Adams-Normandie

After your sod installation service in Adams-Normandie, proper maintenance can help your new grass to grow in a healthy and beautiful way. Make sure to take note of the following tips to keep your new lawn lush, green, and growing.

  • Water the sod correctly. For the first few days, make sure the sod is completely saturated with water so that it can take root. You can typically accomplish this with 30 minutes to 1 hour of sprinkling every day. After it roots, you can switch from doing this daily to watering weekly instead. If it starts to become yellow, reduce your watering efforts.
  • Don’t walk on your new sod for the first two weeks after installation.
  • Don’t fertilize your sod for the first few months. It will be fertilized during installation, so waiting this amount of time will keep the sod from getting stressed and over-treated.
  • Watch out for fungus. If your sod starts turning gray, use an organic fungicide or contact Aerations Plus for recommended treatment.
  • Don’t mow your sod for the first two weeks. Once it reaches 4 inches or taller, you can start cutting away half an inch per session. 

If you act in accordance with these tips, your sod is likely to root well and grow into a visually appealing, healthy lawn! For any additional care, rely on Aerations Plus for lawn treatment service that makes your property look better than ever.

Is Professional Lawn Aeration Necessary For Lawns In Adams-Normandie?

Water and air are necessary for grass to grow, and lawns need space for these elements to reach the soil. However, compaction can clog these spaces over time. When a clog stops water and air from infiltrating the ground, it can result in a lack of growth, thatch accumulation, and bumpy lawns. Lawn aeration in Adams-Normandie is the process of removing these clogs, allowing the necessary nutrients to reach the soil.

While most lawns don’t require aeration, it’s essential for a healthy lawn. Those experiencing heavy foot traffic or excessive thatch benefit the most from this process. Some benefits of aerating your yard include:

  • Stimulate the growth of grass.
  • Decompress soil.
  • Reduce thatch.
  • Form smoother lawns.
  • Encourage water and air movement.

While some promote poking holes in your yard to aerate, this method is usually ineffective. The better option is to use a core aerator to remove the plug. Aerations Plus provides aeration services to residents of Adams-Normandie. Call us today if you need to aerate your lawn.

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