Weed Control Is A Year-Round Task For Los Angeles Properties

A healthy, green lawn is a joy of the spring, summer, and fall seasons. After a long day fighting traffic and walking the concrete jungles of Los Angeles, arriving home, changing into comfortable clothing, and sitting on the porch while surveying a lush, green lawn is satisfying and relaxing. You cannot enjoy that same sense of peace and accomplishment while viewing the yard when weeds mar the landscape.

We want the exterior of our homes to look nice. We work to keep the lawn debris free, edged, and the bushes trimmed. A yard full of weeds does not engender a sense of pride; it detracts from the effort you have put into the lawn. Don't give weeds a chance to hurt your yard and damage the aesthetics of your property. 

Take control and win the war against weeds by securing the Los Angeles lawn care team from Aerations Plus. Our locally owned and operated company has removed weeds for over a quarter century. We provide lawn care services ranging from irrigation to landscaping to controlling disruptive plants like weeds. We want you to enjoy a weed-free healthy lawn, so in this article, we provide some helpful information so you can make informed decisions. 

How To Identify Weeds Common To The Area

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The first question we must answer is, "What are weeds?" A simple answer is that a weed is a plant you believe does not belong on the lawn. We say a weed is a plant you don't want in your yard because some plants you may consider a weed, but others do not. For example, some weeds, like the Canadian thistle, have pink, puffy flowers, and some want those plants in their yards. For the most part, however, weeds are not pretty or endearing. They disrupt the beauty of a well-kept lawn, create unsightly potholes in the lush fabric of the sea of green grass, and hurt the surrounding grass. 

There are many invasive weeds in California, but we have noticed over decades of weed control services in Los Angeles that nutgrass, wood sorrel, field bindweed, and Bermuda grass are prevalent in the area. These common weeds in the Los Angeles area fit into the grass or broadleaf category. 

A characteristic of emerging broadleaf weeds is two leaves (dicotyledon) breaking through the soil; mature broadleaf weeds have veiny leaves with nodes containing multiple leaves. Grasses do not have veiny leaves but produce cylindrical, upright blades. When grasses grow, only one leaf initially emerges from the soil.

Broadleaf weeds and grasses may be annuals or perennials. Annuals are weeds that live and die during a 12-month cycle, whereas weeds that flourish for two or more years are perennials. 

Field bindweed and wood sorrel are perennial, broadleaf weeds. Field bindweed wraps around plants and grasses and robs them of vital nutrients. Wood sorrel is another aggressive low-growing perennial broadleaf that produces small flowers. Bermuda grass is a perennial grass that creeps along the ground and enjoys full sun and hot, dry weather. Nutgrass is also a perennial weed that produces tall, triangular leaves which taper to a point. 

We understand that weed identification is not always easy. Aerations Plus is a professional weed control company with highly trained technicians who know how to identify weeds in Los Angeles yards. 

All The Ways Weeds Drain The Life From Lawns

Lawn care weed control is necessary if you want to enjoy a lush, green lawn surrounding your Los Angeles home because weeds do the following damage: 

  • Compete with grass: Weeds contend with the surrounding grass for water and nutrients. 
  • Block vital needs: As weeds grow, they inhibit sunlight from reaching the grass. As weeds increase in height, they decrease airflow to the grass and soil, which enables the growth and spread of foliage diseases. 
  • Weeds attract insects: Many weeds produce flowers, and the pollen and nectar attract mosquitoes, flies, beetles, and others. 

For example, a common weed in Los Angeles is nutgrass. Nutgrass weed can grow as high as 19 inches, effectively blocking sunlight and airflow from the grass below. Underneath the soil, nutgrass forms a network of stems with tubers extending as much as an inch. While the mature nutgrass is slowing the airflow and restricting sunlight from the grass, its stems and tubers are draining the soil of water and nutrients.

Weeds can grow in various environments rapidly, cross-pollinate, create seeds quickly, and they can tolerate environmental stress better than most grasses. Weeds can produce many seeds over a long period in adverse conditions; winds, birds, and human activity then spread seeds through the yard. 

Weed control for lawns from Aerations Plus is necessary to foster nutrient-rich soil with adequate sunlight and airflow to enjoy a lush, green lawn. Furthermore, the absence of weeds will reduce the insect population in the yard and increase your enjoyment outside the house; it will also lessen the possibility of a home infestation by insects seeking warmth when cooler temperatures arrive.

The Hassles With Do-It-Yourself Weed Control

It is easy to assume that weed control involves pulling a few weeds, but once you begin the process, you quickly realize that consistent weed control in Los Angeles is not easy. You may remove a few weeds one day, and a few days later, it appears they have replenished and multiplied. If you insist on do-it-yourself weed control, you need to be able to answer the following:

  • What is the optimum pH balance? The purpose of testing the dirt is to determine if it has the correct pH balance, but there is a problem. How do you know what the best pH balance is for your lawn? Do you know how to read the test to determine if the dirt is too acidic; if it is too acidic, do you know how much alkaline to add? Also, if the soil is too acidic, can you determine the likely causes? Unless you understand the cause of the problem, adding alkaline will only be a temporary solution. These same questions apply if the land has too much alkaline. 
  • What types of weeds are in my yard? All weeds look about the same to most people. If you apply the wrong treatment product, you will not see a decrease in weeds. To determine the best treatment, you need to know if the problematic weed is a Japanese thistle, nutgrass, Cape tulip, field bindweed, mesquite, wood sorrel, etc. 
  • What is the best method to remove the weeds? You will need to decide if you will take the time to pull each weed individually or use a broad-sweeping treatment method for weed control. If you remove the weeds by hand, can you pull the roots out, or do you need a specialized tool to remove them effectively?  
  • How will you prevent a return of the weeds? Why put in all the physical work, research, testing, and investment in store-bought products only to have the weeds return in a few weeks? What is the strategy to prevent weeds from germinating again? Will you use mulch or a similar barrier method, or will you treat the lawn on a schedule using store-bought products? If you are going to use products, what products apply to your situation, and are there products better suited for different seasons? 
  • How do you know if store-bought products are safe? A trip to the local hardware store or nursery will reveal rows of product options, but just because they are available does not mean they are safe for your yard or situation. Is the product suitable for pet owners? Is the product safe for the type of grass in your yard? 

Many yards are overgrown with weeds because controlling weeds in the lawn requires patience, research, time, and hard work. After a long day at work or fighting Los Angeles traffic, few people want to come home, change clothes and go to war with weeds.

Leave the hassle of weed control to a professional weed control company like Aerations Plus. Decades of weed management have provided us with the experience and knowledge necessary to control the weeds in your yard. Our highly trained technicians know the best pH balance for the dirt in your area; they can identify the weeds infesting your lawn and prescribe a safe, effective treatment that targets problematic weeds. 

The Best Weed Control Solution For Your Lawn

Aerations Plus is a time-tested weed control service near you. When you call to schedule your free estimate, we will travel to your house to investigate the weed problem and answer all your questions. When we complete our investigation, we create a strategy to eliminate the weeds while protecting and promoting the integrity of your lawn. We promise an honest assessment and a free estimate to remove the weeds from your yard.

Get better results with your lawn care from Aerations Plus. Contact us today to learn more, so you can enjoy a nice glass of iced tea on a green, lush, weed-free lawn.

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