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Here in Los Angeles, weed control for lawns is a constant battle for a variety of reasons, and having a professional ally on your side can make winning this battle a whole lot easier than it otherwise might be. 

Common LA Weeds

Here in Southern California, you have to watch out for an almost endless variety of weeds. The problem with a lot of these weeds is that they adapt much better than lawn grass to heat and drought, which means if you slip in your lawn maintenance for even a moment, then controlling lawn weeds becomes almost impossible, thanks to their aggressive and hardy nature.

Some of the most common weeds you may run across in your California lawn include:

  • Crabgrass
  • Dandelions
  • Clovers
  • Nutgrass
  • Wood sorrel
  • Field bindweed
  • Bermudagrass
  • Pigweed
  • Chickweed
  • Quackgrass

The trouble with most of these weeds is that it only takes a few seeds to get into your lawn for them to spread. They can easily outcompete your grass and choke it to death, meaning that not only do you have to kill them, but you may also have to take measures to help your grass recover after they're gone.

Why You Need Professional Weed Control

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There are a couple of main reasons you need professional weed control for your LA lawn. First, the California heat allows weeds to remain active practically the entire year. So there is no season in which they are not spreading.

Another big reason it's so hard to deal with weeds here in Southern California is that native weed species are better adapted to compete than lawn grass, which is often not indigenous to this area. A professional irrigation service is necessary to maintain the healthiest and best-looking lawn possible.

Our Weed Control Process

Here at Aerations Plus, our weed control process follows a tried-and-true formula that ensures weeds cannot take over your lawn. Feisty weeds may be able to outcompete your lawn grass, but they can't outcompete us!

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Inspection And Soil Testing

The first step of our lawn weed control process is conducting an inspection that involves testing your soil to determine which weeds are infesting your yard. Sometimes, weeds can be hard to identify using just the eye alone, which is why soil tests are vital to ensuring our treatments work. 

killing weeds in a yard

Weed Treatment

The next step in the process is the actual weed treatment for lawns. We'll come in and remove the unwanted weeds and spray one or more herbicides to ensure these weeds cannot come back and easily choke your grass. Our herbicides give your grass a fighting chance to live.

beautiful weed free grass

Follow Up

Sometimes it takes several attempts to send especially stubborn weeds packing. If you're still noticing weeds coming back even after treatment, don't hesitate to call us back to your property for a re-treatment.

How To Protect Your Yard From Weeds

If you wind up with an infestation of weeds, then getting rid of them may turn out to be just shy of impossible for you to do on your own – at least not without great time and effort. However, there are ways you help prevent weeds. The best way to go about controlling lawn weeds is to ensure your grass is healthy and strong so that it can compete with tougher weeds. To do this:

  • Water your lawn grass often to keep it hydrated, especially if it is not a drought-tolerant variety. Watering will keep it healthy and ready to defend itself.
  • If you spot a few weeds, pull them up to keep them from spreading. 
  • Use mulch to help prevent weed seeds from germinating. 
  • For landscaping, use weed cloth under your mulch to keep weeds down. 
  • Sod or seed bald patches in your lawn to ensure weeds cannot fill them in. 
  • Apply salt or vinegar to visible weeds to kill them before they can spread – be careful, though, as these items can also kill grass.

If you feel as though your weed problem has gotten out of control, don't hesitate to call Aerations Plus. We know exactly how to control weeds in your lawn so that you don't have to!

Let Our Weed Experts Handle Your Lawn

Weeds in California are no joke, and they can quickly take over your lawn if you're not vigilant. Unfortunately, most people can't make weed control their full-time job. The good news is we can and have made it our full-time job here at Aerations Plus! No matter the kind of weeds you have on your lawn or the severity of your infestation, we can handle these pesky plants. So give us a call or visit our contact page to get started on your journey to a weed-free lawn today!

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