Watering Your Lawn In Los Angeles, CA

Our Quarterly Water-Wise Program can help you save money, water less, and maintain a green lawn.

The Best Way To Keep A Green Lawn In LA

Maintaining green grass in Los Angeles, CA, starts with a working sprinkler system. But not only are these systems subjected to drought regulations, they may periodically malfunction – leading to unattractive, yellow, or even dead grass. 

Fortunately, you don't need to have the most expensive sprinkler system to ensure a beautiful lawn in Los Angeles. You just need a well-functioning system with the right hardware in place and the proper settings configured. With the professionals at Aerations Plus by your side, you can support greener grass, healthier turf, and deeper roots all season long. 

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What You Can Expect From Our Quarterly Water-Wise Program

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Aerations Plus is committed to getting (and keeping) the healthiest possible lawn for your home or business. Our Quarterly Water-Wise Program ensures your sprinklers and irrigation systems are working effectively and efficiently, with the ultimate goal of keeping your lawn and plants healthy and saving even more money on water bills. 

First, our team schedules times to visit at least four times per year (or once per quarter). Our Water-Wise program is maintained year-round to ensure top sprinkler performance throughout the year. 

Next, our Water-Wise experts bring their knowledge to the table and take a closer look at your sprinkler or irrigation system. 

Here's what you can expect from our lawn irrigation service: 

  • We inspect all sprinkler heads and drip systems.
  • We clean dirt and debris from nozzles and soaker hoses.
  • We make adjustments in the spray direction of nozzles to ensure no water is being wasted.
  • We replace up to three broken or damaged sprinkler heads. 
  • We inspect the control box and reset the timer.
  • We adjust the sprinkler timer to ensure watering sessions fit the season or time of year.
  • We inspect all sprinkler systems or irrigation valves. 
  • We inspect for wiring issues and rewire if needed.
  • We inspect for leaky valves.
  • We offer irrigation repair services for any dysfunctional valves (please note this does not include replacement if a new valve is necessary).

The professionals at Aerations Plus will visit your property at least four times per year to ensure the efficacy of your sprinklers. Our regular sessions and value-added suggestions ensure your lawn survives and thrives – while you save additional money and maximize the efficiency of your property's sprinkler system. You won't just have a greener lawn; you'll have a water-wise property! 

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Our Quarterly Water-Wise Program Process

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We first inspect your sprinklers and irrigation system to know what exactly we're facing. Our experts may take a look at the hardware involved, as well as any electrical systems that may be around your property. Any leaks, breaks, and wiring issues will be discovered and noted by our team.

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We can perform many technical services for your LA sprinkler system, including rewiring services, nozzle cleaning, and damaged sprinkler head replacement. Depending on the time of year or current season, we can also adjust your sprinkler's timing to maximize distribution and minimize waste. The goal is to increase your irrigation capabilities without wasting excess water or spiking your monthly bills.

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Follow Up

Our Water-Wise Program is offered quarterly with a total of four visits per year. You can renew our services every year to ensure your property is well protected. If you have any questions or concerns between visits, simply give us a call to learn more.

All The Benefits Of Watering Your LA Lawn Wisely

The Quarterly Water-Wise Program of Aerations Plus is a great way to keep your grass watered effectively. However, that's not the only way it can protect and assist your lawn. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you might get from our Quarterly Water-Wise Program: 

  1. Save money. By targeting specific areas of the lawn and adjusting output with more granularity, Aerations Plus can help you lower monthly bills and put more savings back in your pocket. 
  2. Water less. The more effectively your sprinklers apply water, the better your lawn can grow. You won't have to stress about your grass, and your neighbors will be wowed by your results! 
  3. Follow regulations. The city of Los Angeles has strict regulations during times of drought. Thankfully, Aerations Plus can help you meet your goals without exceeding LA watering restrictions. 

It's time to take your Californian lawn to the next level. Reach out to our irrigation company in LA to maximize your yard with the Quarterly Water-Wise Program.

Save More Money And Use Less Water With Aerations Plus

Repairing and maintaining your LA sprinkler system has never looked so easy. If you want to spend less, water less, and stress less about your lawn, the Quarterly Water-Wise Program of Aerations Plus is the only way to go. Our experts have years of experience helping with irrigation in Los Angeles and would be happy to do whatever they can to get and keep your lawn pristine. 

Learn more about residential or commercial irrigation services by contacting Aerations Plus today. We would be happy to answer any questions you might have and give you a quote for our services.

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