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The lack of consistent rainfall in Los Angeles makes it difficult for homeowners to care for their outdoor spaces properly. The grass and plants in your yard won't get the water they require naturally. You will need to provide your property's trees and plants with the water they need to become and stay green, hearty, and healthy.

The best way to keep your landscape well-watered throughout the year is to partner with a knowledgeable professional. At Aerations Plus, we provide homeowners with irrigation services in Los Angeles they can trust.

Our professionals will help you determine how much water your property needs, how best to deliver the water, and ensure you aren't overusing water resources. We are committed to providing you with the most effective services that provide the best results. To learn more about watering your landscape, keep reading!

How Much Water You Need To Use To Properly Water Your Trees, Plants, and Shrubs

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Have you ever really thought about how much your yard's trees, shrubs, and plants require? If not, you aren't alone! Studying the water needs of the landscape plants on your property is not on most people's to-do lists. While you want our yard to look good, we know you don't want to spend copious amounts of time caring for your outdoor spaces; you want to spend your time enjoying it.

The first thing to understand about watering is that most people tend to overestimate how much water is necessary to maintain a healthy landscape. Overwatering can cause many problems, including plant death, driving up your water bill, and wasting water. Other negative consequences that overwatering can cause are puddling, washing away topsoil, and removing necessary nutrients from the soil that plants need to grow and be healthy.

Partnering with a professional to care for your lawn and landscape will ensure that you are properly watering your property's landscape. Healthy plants can withstand disease, damage, and extremes in weather conditions.

Aerations Plus is dedicated to helping homeowners care for their landscaping, saving you time and money and aiding in water conservation. Our experts will also help you determine the efficiency of your current irrigation system, identify leaks, and, if necessary, install a new irrigation system.

Water Requirements For Trees, Plants, And Shrubs


Did you know that how much water a tree needs varies throughout its life? You may think younger trees need more water to grow, but the opposite is true. Older trees require more water than younger trees. In general, the larger the tree's canopy diameter is, the more water it requires. To see if trees on your property need watering, check their leaves in the evening; if you notice wilted leaves, the tree needs water.


Plants that are part of your yard's landscape require much less water than trees and shrubs. Because they don't require a lot of water to thrive, it makes it easy to keep them healthy in regions like Los Angeles without much rainfall. However, their low water requirements make it likely for homeowners to overwater. Remember, too much water can be as harmful as too little water!


Shrubs and bushes are popular for homeowners to plant in their yards. They offer many benefits, including offering some shade, soil stability, and providing habitats for wildlife. Shrubs and bushes also add beauty to our landscape and, as a bonus, require less water than trees. Their smaller trunk and canopy mean they will stay healthy without using large amounts of water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Landscape Watering

When is the best time to water my lawn?

You don't want to water your lawn and landscape during the middle of the day. The heat and sun will cause the water to evaporate, not allowing the full amount of water you used to nourish the plants. Watering in the early morning or evening will provide you with the best results and waste the least amount of water.

What is the most efficient way to water my lawn?

Drip irrigation is the most effective way to water your landscape and lawn. This system disperses water evenly and uses significantly less water than traditional hoses or sprinkler systems. Our drip irrigation helps save you water and money and can water better. Please call Aerations Plus today to learn more about our drip irrigation services. 

What are some tips and tricks to help me maintain a healthy lawn and landscape?

Use mulch at the base of trees and shrubs to help retain moisture in the soil and to protect the root system from the sun's heat. Never flood your yard with water, hoping it will seep into the ground. Watering your landscape and lawn slowly and evenly will give you the best results. Partner with Aerations Plus to learn about irrigation services in Los Angeles. We want to help you maintain your landscape using less water!

Partner With A Professional To Care For Your Landscape

Caring for landscaped yards in Los Angeles is not for the faint of heart. Our climate and lack of rain make caring for our property's grass and plants difficult. The best way to maintain a healthy landscape throughout the year while saving money and not wasting water is by partnering with a professional.

The California state government offers up to $5,000 in rebates to homeowners for installing water-efficient irrigation systems, depending on the type of service provided. That means you can lower your water bill by up to 50%! All you need is a brief phone call to get started on solutions right away.

Here at Aerations Plus, we have 25 years of experience. We will help you get the grass and plants on your property looking their best. Our skilled technicians provide our customers with superior landscape and irrigation. Look no further for irrigation and sprinkler services; contact us today to learn more about watering your Los Angeles landscape with Irrigation.

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