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Watering Correctly Is Tougher Than It Seems

Watering your lawn is tougher than you might think. This is because it takes a lot more to water your plants correctly than just standing outside with a garden hose. There are a lot of misconceptions about what proper watering is and how to do it. 

For instance, many people think blasting their lawn with a nozzle-less hose until it floods is the best way to water their grass because the soil will absorb the standing water. However, what actually happens is the water flows out of the yard and takes the topsoil with it. This can pull vital nutrients out of the soil and also leech away expensive fertilizer and weed control treatments you may be using. 

Another big mistake people make is watering at the wrong time. Watering in the middle of the day can leave your plants thirsty because the blazing sun evaporates the water before they manage to get a drink. Watering at night, however, can also cause problems if it leaves your plants too wet for too long, which can make them vulnerable to mold infections. 

Watering Your Lawn Based On Plant Type

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All these watering mistakes can leave you frustrated and dealing with a dead lawn and suffering landscape. That’s why professional irrigation services are the best option for your lawn. Here at Aerations Plus, we can help you give each plant species in your yard its ideal water amount. Ideal water levels can vary depending on the type of plant, the age of the plant, where it is in the growing season, its size, and other factors. 

All this can get impossibly complicated if you don’t have an automatic watering system. Not only will it suck up a ton of your time, but hand watering can also leave your plants under or overwatered, causing them to wilt, turn brown or yellow, and even die. This is why the best thing you can do for your lawn is to contact professional irrigation in Los Angeles. 

Here at Aerations Plus, we offer all the lawn watering services you could ever need to keep your lawn green, healthy, and happy no matter how dry the dry season or how hot the summer! Here are a few of the options we can provide.

Our Lawn Watering Options

Drip Irrigation

Drip irrigation systems can save you lots of water because they keep the flow of the water low and slow. They also water very close to the ground, which mitigates evaporation and allows time for absorption. This means these systems are one of the best options for most residential lawns and smaller landscaping beds.

Sprinkler Installation

If you have a larger area of lawn or ground cover, sprinkler services may be better for you. These systems cover a much greater radius than a drip irrigation system, making them better for commercial spaces or residential properties with huge lawns. Plus, sprinklers are often less expensive to install and maintain than drip systems.

Repair Services

If your sprinkler or irrigation system is a few years old, it could be wasting gallons of water due to either being out of date with the latest water-saving technologies or active damage from years of use. We can help you update and repair your existing watering systems if you don’t have the budget for a new one. Irrigation and sprinkler repair is less expensive than new installation and can save you tons on your water bill.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How do I water by the numbers?

To water by the numbers, just remember three things: water time, water amount, and water distribution. You will want to water at the right time (evening or morning), give each plant type the correct amount of water, and ensure you are distributing that water in such a way that it does not evaporate or run off.

How do I water the trees on my lawn?

Trees need lots of water to grow tall and strong, and you’ll need to focus on canopy diameter to determine how much water your trees will need and how wide a radius you will need to water. Tree roots spread out, so you cannot just water right under the trunk. Instead, you have to water deep and wide around the tree to get all the roots. And you’ll need to make sure you aren’t overwatering shrubs and ground cover when watering your trees.

How do I know how much water my plants need?

Trees have the largest root systems and therefore need the most water. Shrubs and bushes also have large root networks, but since they are smaller plants, giving them the same amount of water you give your trees can cause them to experience root rot. Overwatering can also kill ground cover like lawn grasses and creeping vines. All this means you’ll need to identify the plant species you have and look up each one to know the best amount of water for it.

Water By The Numbers With Aerations Plus

For the most convenient and efficient lawn watering on the market, contact Aerations Plus. We offer water system installation services for lawns and landscaping, large and small. And our recurring Water-Wise programs help ensure your watering systems are working as effectively as possible to keep your plants happy and your water bill low. So don’t wait. Contact us today!

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