The Key To Keeping Grass Green And Your Lawn Healthy In Los Angeles

Have you noticed how many hotel signs incorporate the color green? The reason is that green has a calming effect. Researchers say that green relaxes people because the light wavelengths needed to produce that color are shorter and do not require the same adjustment for our eyes, unlike more extended wavelength colors like red. Knowing that green can be soothing and relaxing to your mind helps explain why we desire to have green, lush lawns encircling our Los Angeles homes.

There are many benefits to living in Los Angeles, but many would argue that calmness is not one of them. Of course, honking horns, traffic snarls, and the sheer amount of people create stress, but maybe another source of anxiety is the lack of calming colors like green and blue. Our surroundings consist of the drab gray of concrete and black asphalt instead of leafy green grass. 

If you want to enjoy the calming effects of a sea of green around your house, you need the Los Angeles lawn care services of Aerations Plus. For over 25 years, our locally owned and operated company has provided homeowners and businesses with high-quality lawn care results. We use the best equipment available to create the perfect lawn and save you money. 

You may have thought that achieving the perfect lawn requires purchasing a bag of seeds from the local hardware store, spreading it in the spring, and turning on the sprinkler during dry spells, but we all know from experience that a lush, green lawn is not that simple to achieve. This brief article will outline the requirements necessary to get the yard of your dreams and what Aerations Plus does to provide full-service lawn care near you.

Everyone Loves A Beautiful And Healthy Lawn

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What makes a lawn stunning? Although beauty is in the eye of the beholder, most would agree that an attractive yard begins with grass. When contractors build a house, they lay sod or apply a grass mesh netting to produce grass quickly. Soon, the dry, brown dirt surrounding your new home has grass, but within a few weeks, you realize that only having grass does not make a beautiful lawn. 

An attractive yard is a weed-free sea of green grass. If you have had the opportunity to move into a new house with a freshly sodded yard, you know the joy of looking across a lush green lawn; you also understand the angst when weeds pop up and mar the green fabric surrounding your new home. Weeds disrupt the flow of the yard, hurt the appearance, and can overtake the lawn if not controlled. 

A beautiful yard has no bare spots. If the grass you plant is not suitable for full sun, shade, or the climate, it will die, decay, and leave empty spots. Furthermore, some grasses need a more acidic environment, while others need more alkaline to survive. If the pH level is not suitable for the grass, it will die and leave unsightly exposed soil. Another source of bare spots is insects. White grubs feed on roots and cause the grass to dry and wilt; billbugs feed higher on roots and cause similar damage; cutworms, armyworms, and sod worms create small, circular spots, which damage the lawn's appeal. 

Improper watering can hurt the appearance of the lawn. Overwatering causes erosion trenches, and a soggy lawn promotes weed and fungal growth and attracts bugs. Although you may not think you are giving your yard too much water, the problem may also be caused by watering the yard at the wrong time. 

One may have a weed-free lawn, with no bare spots, and yet not have a beautiful yard because the grass is unhealthy. Grass that is suffering from a lack of water, overwatering, too much shade, attacks by insects and rodents, and over-fertilizing will not culminate in a satisfying experience as you survey your lawn. 

If you want the pleasure of returning home and relaxing amid a lush, green, healthy lawn, you need the local lawn care services near you from Aerations Plus. We have gathered the tools, experience, and knowledge during our more than two decades of lawn care experience to tackle any lawn problem. 

The Many Problems That Can Plague Your Lawn

We should take pride in our homes because we have worked hard, saved money, and sacrificed to own our corner of the world. The dream of most homeowners is to enjoy a lush, green fabric of grass because of the sense of peace, satisfaction, and dignity it provides. However, like most things in life worthwhile, achieving a visually stunning yard requires winning the war against the many obstacles facing your goal. 

The following are some of the problems you will face in the quest to create the perfect lawn:

  • Weeds: You need to know how to keep nutgrass, wood sorrel, field bindweed, Bermuda grass, and other California weeds from overtaking the grass and other plants in the yard. 
  • Seeding: Not all grass is alike. Grasses differ in climate preferences, water and nutrient needs, pest resistance, and shade tolerance. You must also consider the pH of the soil when selecting your grass. Dying, disease-ridden, and brown grass is often the result of planting the wrong grass type. 
  • Watering: Water is good and bad for a yard. If you overwater, you can wash away the seed, drown sprouting seeds, or cause the roots of existing grass to rot. 
  • Drainage: Low-lying areas with poor drainage that trap water can cause the same issues as overwatering. They can also foster algae and fungi growth. 
  • Insects: The best way to combat pests in your yard is to promote microbial activity and proper nutrient management through aerating, cutting the lawn at the correct height, watering deeply, etc. 
  • Fertilizer: Failure to supply grass with the correct nutrients in the right amount will kill the grass. Once again, understanding the grass' needs and the soil pH is necessary for a healthy, pleasing yard. 
  • Compaction: A healthy lawn needs air pockets to allow microorganisms the space to thrive and for water absorption. 

Wind, rain, sun, shade, and severe temperature swings affect your yard. Also, inside and underneath your lawn is a living, active community of plants, insects, and sometimes rodents. Achieving a healthy, beautiful yard requires battling the elements while maintaining a balance between the diverse groups in, around, and underneath your lawn. 

Aerations Plus is a lawn service near you that addresses all these issues. Our trained, experienced technicians will identify the problems plaguing your lawn and provide solutions for high-quality results. 

Lawn Care Can Be An Overwhelming Task To Tackle On Your Own

Most of us live busy lives. In addition to family needs, we travel to and from work and are under pressure to meet deadlines. While we desire a healthy, beautiful yard, we often neglect lawn maintenance. We are too tired to tackle weeds or worry about watering or mowing during our busy work weeks. When the weekend finally arrives, most people want to sleep late, watch sports, enjoy a cookout and relax; the last thing we want to do is mow, thatch, pull weeds, and work on irrigation system problems. The reward of a pleasing lawn takes work; when we have time to work on the yard, we are too tired. 

The best way to relieve the tension between the desire for a stunning yard versus relaxing is to use the residential lawn maintenance near you, Aerations Plus. We will do everything for you; all you have to do is sit on the riding mower and cut the grass! Our technicians can do the following: 

  • Test the pH level in the soil.
  • Select the correct grass seed.
  • Dethatch the lawn to remove dead grass to supply nutrients and water to the new grass.
  • Aerate oil for microbial growth promotion and water penetration.
  • Formulate the correct acid and alkaline balance to promote healthy, robust growth.
  • Amend dried, nutrient-starved soil with gypsum, lime, sulfur, compost, and other organic materials. 
  • Repair existing sprinkler systems. We can fix broken water pipes, address electrical issues, repair or replace control panels, and much more. 
  • Install a watering system that meets your needs and budget. 

Creating a lush, green lawn takes time, effort, and expertise that most homeowners do not possess. Aerations Plus is the lawn maintenance service near you that can provide you with the yard you have always wanted. Soon, your yard will be the envy of the neighborhood!

We Are Here To Help You To Your Most Beautiful Lawn

Aerations Plus Inc. provides lawn care service from the South Bay to Long Beach and Pasadena to the Valley and everywhere else in between! Our technicians are not only experienced and skilled in lawn care, but they listen to ensure you are satisfied with the high quality of lawn care we provide. 

When you call to schedule your free lawn consultation, we promise to provide an honest assessment of your situation. We offer a wide range of lawn care maintenance options and services. Contact us today to learn more and to get your free estimate.

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