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Comprehensive solutions to solve all of your irrigation problems.

Full-Service Irrigation & Sprinkler Care In Los Angeles, CA

With over 25 years of experience in the irrigation industry, Aerations Plus is a local business that understands the pressures and problems that Los Angeles lawns face. We offer a wide range of services performed by experienced professionals using top-of-the-line equipment to meet all your irrigation needs. Working with honesty and open communication, we deliver the results you need for a healthy, thriving lawn. Learn more about each of the services we offer below.

a sprinkler in a yard

Sprinkler Repair

See what our sprinkler repair services can do for you.

irrigation near a lawn and shrubs

Watering Your Landscape

Learn more about determining how much water your property needs.

an irrigation spout in a yard

Irrigation Installation

Learn more about your irrigation installation options.

irrigation in a lawn at night

Lawn Irrigation

Learn more about our lawn irrigation service.

irrigation system watering flowers

Types of Irrigation

See what type of irrigation is right for your lawn.

irrigating a nice backyard

Efficient Irrigation

Find out more about efficient irrigation.

aeration holes in a yard

Lawn Aeration

See what our lawn aeration service can do for your lawn.

fertilizer in a gloved hand

Lawn Fertilization

Learn what lawn fertilization can do for your lawn.

someone spreading seeds by hand

Lawn Seeding

Find out more about lawn seeding.

pesky weeds in a yard

Weed Control

Find out more about our weed control service.

healthy grass

Lawn Dethatching

Learn more about our lawn dethatching service.

soil in a hand

Soil Amendments

Learn more about soil amendments.

rolls of sod

Sod Installation

Learn more about our sod installation service.

water drops falling on plants and soil

Quarterly Water-Wise Program

Find out if our quarterly water-wise program is right for you.

close up of wet grass

Watering Your Lawn

Learn more about our lawn watering program.

a beautiful lawn

Quarterly Lawn Care Package

Learn more about our Quarterly Lawn Care Package.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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"Great job done. Eddie and Crew were very attentive. Did a very thorough job upgrading my entire system on a 1/2 acre. Replacing and restructuring the existing system. Worth the money. Recommend them highly."

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Harry G

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