Lawn Seeding In Los Angeles, CA

Creating a healthy lawn and beautiful landscape for your Los Angeles home or business requires professional lawn seeding for the best results.

Investing in Lawn Seeding for Your Los Angeles Property

Many property owners around the Los Angeles area may wonder how to get their lawn looking its best while maintaining a healthy landscape. This task is difficult to undertake alone, especially if you aren't too experienced with lawn care, but there is, fortunately, a better way to take care of your outdoor areas.

Aerations Plus has more than 25 years of lawn care experience, and we are ready to help you save more money and water your lawn less. With our professional expertise, you can benefit from lawn seeding that ensures your lawn blossoms into a healthy, beautiful space. We always utilize top-of-the-line equipment and pride ourselves on customer service, so you can remain assured that our team will provide you with the most reliable, stress-free lawn seeding and lawn maintenance services possible.

The Benefits of California Lawn Seeding

newly sprouted grass

Seeding your California lawn is a great way to improve its appearance and health. When you seed an established lawn, you increase your lawn's resistance to drought, disease, insects, and weeds. Lawn seeding can also thicken up areas that are growing thinly, improve the overall appearance of your lawn by filling in brown or dead zones, and ensure your lawn looks thick and lush.

It's important to note that seeding must be done properly and take into account your soil, the weather conditions, and your lawn's watering needs. You need to balance all of these factors if you want your seeds to help your lawn thrive instead of being a waste of time and effort.

In order to gain the most benefits from California lawn seeding, reach out to Aerations Plus. Our team will help you achieve the best lawn seeding results possible.

Our Lawn Seeding Process

Our lawn seeding process takes into account several factors that are necessary if you want lawn seeding to be a success on your property to deliver results. Review these steps below to know what you're getting when you trust Aerations Plus for your lawn seeding needs.

preparing for seeding

Preparing The Soil

Before lawn seeding can occur, our team ensures that the seeds will thrive rather than growing slightly and turning brown, dying off, and leaving your lawn no better off. We test the soil to make sure it has the right pH balance, remove rocks and thatch, and add nutrients and the acid or alkaline components necessary to ensure that your grass has the best chance possible to grow healthy and lush.

Occasionally, your lawn might need aeration to ensure water and nutrients make their way down to the root level of your grass. We evaluate your property and provide this service as needed.

choosing your seed

Choosing Your Seed

After preparing the soil in your Los Angeles lawn, there are two options for seeding it; dry seed or hydroseed. Dry seed is a more cost-effective option, and many individuals may be able to apply dry seed by themselves due to the easier application methods used. You should keep in mind, however, that with dry seeding, you will need to ensure extra nutrients and fertilizers are added separately in a step-by-step fashion. Aerations Plus helps you with this so that no step in the process is compromised. Dry seeding does take longer to grow than hydroseed, and it does require more watering maintenance.

Hydroseed is the more expensive seeding option, but it combines all the steps associated with dry seeding (seed, nutrients, and fertilizer) into one seeding compound. We lay this compound across your landscape, and grass sprouts within the following three to six weeks, making this the faster seeding option.

watering new grass


Proper watering of your lawn is essential if you want your seeds to sprout and grow healthily. It's important to avoid overwatering, which often washes seeds away and leaves you with dry patches. Proper aeration is also important so that water hits the roots of the grass in your outdoor areas. Aerations Plus helps you with watering and ensures the achievement of proper aeration and  efficient irrigation for an overall healthier and more aesthetically pleasing lawn.

Aerations Plus Delivers Your Every Lawn Care Need

Our team at Aerations Plus can ensure that your every lawn care need is met. We help you with lawn seeding from start to finish and make sure to provide supplemental services to your lawn, such as aeration and irrigation so that the seeding process is as successful as possible.

When you trust Aerations Plus, you save money, water less, and get overall better results with your lawn and garden maintenance.

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"Thank you Aerations Plus team for being a reliable and dependable company. As a owner of multiple properties I find the 5 year warranty invaluable. I recommend this company to anyone looking for the best experience when it comes to getting irrigation and lawn work done."

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