Lawn Fertilization In Los Angeles, CA

Lawn fertilization in Los Angeles is essential if you want your grass and other plants to look their best and stay healthy.

Lawn Fertilization in Los Angeles

While choosing the right plants and watering your lawn correctly is vital to maintaining its health, lawn fertilization is essential in ensuring your lawn thrives. With proper fertilization, your lawn will have all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy and strong, be more drought resistant, and provide a comfortable, lush area for you to spend time in. Not to mention, a properly fertilized and healthy lawn is more aesthetically pleasing and helps you enjoy your Los Angeles lawn all the more.

Remember that you should pair fertilization services with proper aeration, seeding, and water to ensure you get the best results from this service.

The Benefits of Professional Lawn Fertilization

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Trusting in our expert team at Aerations Plus instead of tackling lawn fertilization on your own is helpful in many ways. To start with, our team knows exactly what to look for when it comes to diagnosing unhealthy lawns and lawn problem areas, and we use the information we gain evaluating your lawn to determine the best treatment plans.

We craft all of our professional lawn fertilization processes to your lawn's specific needs, something that helps your grass get the exact nutrients it needs to grow as reliably as possible. Instead of struggling with DIY lawn fertilization that might not be right for you, reach out to Aerations Plus and benefit from your customized plan, friendly customer service, and expert irrigation knowledge.

It's important to note that we primarily provide lawn fertilization services in the cooler fall and winter months to prevent the hot summer sun from drying out our applications and ruining our efforts at maintaining your lawn.

Our Lawn Fertilization Process

Our lawn fertilization process includes three steps that help your lawn look its best and grow as healthily as possible.

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Understanding Your Grass Type

The first step in lawn fertilization is taking into account your grass type. We discuss this with you before applying any treatments so that you understand more about your lawn and what is necessary to fertilize it properly. We also discuss any possible need to aerate and seed your lawn during our initial assessment.

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Choosing a Fertilizer

There are many different fertilizers to choose from, and our team at Aerations Plus will work with you to determine the best product for your property. We base this evaluation on your grass type, irrigation needs, and intended lawn fertilization goals.

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Follow-Up Weed Control

Weed control throughout and after fertilization is essential to stop our fertilization efforts from encouraging weed growth. We work with you to eliminate weeds from your lawn and provide future weed control tips that keep weeds from ruining your lawn's health and appearance.

Los Angeles Lawn Maintenance Options

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In addition to lawn fertilization, we offer lawn maintenance services that support our fertilization efforts and ensure that your lawn remains as healthy and beautiful as possible. Most of the time, lawn fertilization services will need the support of lawn aeration and watering services, as this is what ensures proper nutrients and the correct amount of water get to the roots of your grass. Without these additional services, our lawn fertilization applications might not be as effective, leaving you with a lawn that isn't as healthy and lush as you want.

Additionally, our weed control services are just the thing to remove pesky plant growth from your lawn both before and after lawn fertilization. Fertilization treatments may occasionally encourage weed growth, which is why it's important to evaluate your lawn for these plants before fertilization and remove them ahead of time.

Speak with Aerations Plus today about your lawn maintenance needs or inquire about which services might be needed to support your lawn fertilization service during your free estimate with one of our knowledgeable service technicians.

Trust Aerations Plus With Your Lawn Fertilization Needs

When it comes to fertilizing your lawn and ensuring that it grows thick, full, and healthy, there is no better company to turn to than Aerations Plus. We have over 25 years of irrigation services and maintenance experience and the dedication to help your lawn both look and grow its best. We ensure your lawn is taken care of in a reliable and stress-free manner.

When you trust Aerations Plus with your lawn fertilization needs, you're sure to save money, water less, and get better overall results with your lawn and garden.

Contact us today to learn more about our lawn fertilization program or to request your free estimate.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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"Amazing service! I read the reviews about Aeration Plus and called them immediately. I met the owner, Joel, and spent quite a bit of time going through my irrigation system and closely diagnosing my problem. His estimate was agreeable and we booked the work the following day. I ended up with a fully functional irrigation system again! Joel went the extra mile to ensure I was happy. I would certainly recommend Aeration Plus!"

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