Lawn Dethatching In Los Angeles, CA

To get the perfect lawn in the California sun, you have to put forth more effort – and dethatching is just one of those things you’ll have to do more often for proper lawn maintenance. 

What Is Thatch?

Thatch is, at its core, leftover grass. When lawn grass turns brown and dies in the Southern California heat, it leaves behind dry stalks and dead leaves. If these are allowed to accumulate, they turn into a layer of thatch. When you have a thatch problem, it is almost impossible for you to grow a lush and green lawn because the top layer of thatch creates a barrier between grass and the sun and water it needs to grow. If you don’t get rid of thatch, all your other maintenance efforts will prove fruitless.

Service Option One: Raking

dethatching services raking

Here at Aerations Plus, we have a couple of different irrigation service options to help you deal with your thatch issues. Raking is the simplest and fastest one. If you select this service, we’ll simply come out and rake the thatch away from your topsoil and dispose of it. Once we finish, the soil is ready to be reseeded and watered.

If you only have a little thatch, you can rake it yourself pretty easily. But if you have a large area (such as a huge yard or a commercial outdoor space), you may not have time to do all that raking. Not to mention disposal of so much organic refuse can be a huge problem. That’s where we come in. No matter the size of lawn you have or the amount of plant litter left, our friendly local lawn service can handle your dethatching needs.

Our Dethatching Process

Dethatching is a fairly simple process, but since there is more than one way to dethatch a yard, we may suggest which course is right for you.

dethatching inspection


The first thing we’ll do when you call us out to your yard is to assess the amount of thatch you have and the level of damage it’s doing to the grass underneath. At this point, our techs can tell you whether raking or lawn aerator services are better for your situation.

dethatching a yard with a special tool


Once we determine which type of dethatching you need, we’ll come out to your home or business with the appropriate equipment and get right to it! Raking is quick and easy. Aeration is a bit more involved and may take longer. Either way, your lawn will be happy and thatch-free once we get through with it.

Service Option Two: Aeration

aeration in process

If thatch doesn’t rake away, you may have to take more drastic measures than raking. Aeration is the next step for stubborn thatch already penetrating the ground. Lawn aeration involves penetrating the topsoil and mixing it up to open up air pockets underground. Not only does this help get the appropriate amount of O2 and CO2 into the subsurface. It also decompacts the soil so water and nutrients can penetrate it more easily. 

Aeration requires special equipment and a lot of elbow grease, so it is not easy for most home or business owners to accomplish themselves – especially over large areas. The good news is that here at Aerations Plus, we offer the best and most affordable lawn aeration services near you. Our aeration experts know how to gently and effectively handle our specialized equipment to aerate the soil without destroying root systems and existing plant structures. 

The Best Time To Dethatch

Whichever dethatching method you use, the best time to dethatch your lawn is in the spring or fall. Spring is ideal, but fall is second best. Springtime offers cool temperatures, weaker sunlight, and – unlike fall – the right time of year to prime your grass to grow strong.

We recommend spring or fall, but even a winter dethatching is better than in summer. Summer dethatching is close to pointless because the blazing Southern California sun will just toast whatever new grass grows.

For The Best Dethatching Around, Call The Best Dethatchers In Town

Here at Aerations Plus, we have over 25 years of experience providing superior irrigation services to the Los Angeles area! We understand everything about our local environment, including:

  • Soil types 
  • Native plants
  • Local climate patterns
  • Major lawn maintenance requirements

We are in a unique position to help you remove thatch and restore your lawn to the lush, green haven it’s supposed to be. So don’t spend another day staring at a brown, dead yard. Click or call today to see a sea of green just outside your window!

What Our Customers Are Saying

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"Thank you Aerations Plus team for being a reliable and dependable company. As a owner of multiple properties I find the 5 year warranty invaluable. I recommend this company to anyone looking for the best experience when it comes to getting irrigation and lawn work done."

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