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There is a lot that goes into a healthy and beautiful lawn. Irrigation is one of these facets. Aeration Plus services yards across California and is known for its integrity and advanced irrigation and lawn care options. Let us talk you through our process today and help you understand how we can help you save money, conserve water, and enjoy a healthy and beautiful yard.

Irrigation Options

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California is known for its dry spells. They affect all homeowners by sucking the life out of lawns and ornamental plants. One way to counteract this effect and add life to your yard is with an irrigation system. Our comprehensive offerings will go a long way in helping you save money and reduce water usage. Instead of watering your lawn and ornamentals on your own, causing your water bill to skyrocket, find out how our systems can aid you. What we have to share with you today will help you avoid patches of yellow and brown grass and help you maintain your dream yard. Take the time to check out our offerings below and find an irrigation system that will best help you to accomplish your yard goals. 

Our Irrigation Process

All lawns are different, and different irrigation systems can be built to meet the unique needs of each property. At Aerations Plus, our goal is to be able to provide you with the right system to meet your needs. We do this by thoroughly inspecting properties before we suggest a service option. This allows us to make sure that you receive the proper care. To help you understand our irrigation services and their level of effectiveness, here are three options to consider.

  • Sprinklers: A sprinkler system is the most basic form of irrigation we offer. They are very much a classic form of lawn watering and are relatively easy to install and maintain. Our sprinklers work by covering small-to-medium patches of landscaping and are generally efficient at dispersing water in the right quantities to promote healthy grass growth. The biggest choice you have to make with this service is whether you want an automatic or manual system. Automatic systems are easy to set and forget, while manual control allows for a more personalized approach for more avid lawn care enthusiasts. Either way, you are setting yourself up to avoid all the problems that come with a dry yard.
  • Rotor: A rotor is much like a sprinkler. The biggest difference between these systems is the area covered with each watering. One big benefit of this method is that it delivers water in a more even way, allowing it to sink to the roots of plants more efficiently. If you have a large yard, this could be a great option for you. However, rotor systems are not as effective as drip irrigation.
  • Drip: Drip systems are our most effective form of lawn irrigation. They use the least amount of water while providing even greater benefits than their two competitors. This system is fairly easy to install and is effective at mitigating water loss due to evaporation. If you want the absolute best for your yard, this is what you need.

For help determining the best fit for your lawn and budget, check in our experts at Aerations Plus. 

How We Cultivate Better Lawns

California relies heavily on irrigation systems to reduce general water use. At Aerations Plus, we do everything in our power to play a big part in this necessary conservation. By investing in one of our effective irrigation systems, you not only gain peace of mind about your water usage, but you will also be meeting the needs of your lawn. This is, by all metrics, our goal at Aerations Plus. We help locals find their best lawn by providing unmatched lawn care services. Don’t wait around for your grass to slowly dry out and die. Instead, get our team involved and learn just how simple and affordable our irrigation systems are and the benefits they can provide to you.

Trust Aerations Plus With Your Yard's Care

There are many lawn care providers across California. It can be hard to choose the right company. To help make this choice easy, here are our credentials. Aerations Plus has been in business for over 28 years. We are locally owned and operated and use only top-of-the-line equipment to service properties. This high quality is expected from each and every one of our technicians. Some of our most proud offerings include free lawn consultation, unmatched customer service, and honesty, even when it doesn’t serve our own interests. If these things are what you look for in a lawn care provider, do not hesitate to get our team involved. Call Aerations Plus now to talk with one of our friendly service representatives about our irrigation and lawn care options. We will answer any questions you have and guide you to a service that best meets your needs.

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