How To Choose The Right Irrigation Method For Your Los Angeles Lawn

One of the happiest days is when you move into your first place. Moving into your initial apartment feels liberating and exhilarating. Once you get settled into your apartment and career, purchasing a house often becomes the next goal. When the move-in day finally arrives, and you move into a location you can call your own, the next focus is making sure the exterior of your home appeals to those passing by and neighbors. 

One of the main components of an attractive house is the lawn. However, it is not enough to have growth outside your doorstep. You need lush, green grass if you are going to impress friends, family, and neighbors and if you are going to derive a sense of peace and satisfaction as you sit in your yard and relax after a long day of fighting traffic and meeting deadlines. 

Experiencing a beautiful, green lawn does not happen by accident, especially in the Los Angeles climate. Most homeowners want a perfect yard but do not have the time or expertise to make it happen. If you desire a green, impressive yard surrounding your Los Angeles house, you need lawncare spraying in Los Angeles from Aerations Plus Inc.

For almost three decades, we have provided superior lawn care service, sod installation, landscaping, irrigation systems, and fertilization. Although our technicians are skilled in all areas of lawn care, irrigation systems have long been our area of expertise. Please keep reading to learn the answers to commonly asked questions so you can learn about watering options to achieve your desired results. 

There Are Many Different Irrigation Systems To Choose From

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If we are lucky, we will enjoy good rainfalls throughout the growing season, but if you have tried to achieve a green lawn by relying only on the weather, you know that method does not work. Many years ago, farmers realized they needed to develop a system to apply water to their fields that did not depend upon the weather. Due to the development of technology, there are many ways to water fields, and since yards are smaller, there are even more options for homeowners.

The following are the many avenues available from Aerations Plus Inc to provide irrigation in Los Angeles yards:

  • Sprinklers
  • Rotor systems
  • Drip systems

Most people have fond memories of running through the sprinkler in the yard as children. These systems are easy to install, and one sprinkler can cover a moderate amount of area. Store-bought sprinklers attach to a garden hose, and some have rudimentary speed and coverage settings. 

You get what you pay for when it comes to a store-bought system. Store-bought sprinklers require manual operation. You have to monitor how long the sprinkler is operating and move the sprinkler around in the yard to cover the whole lawn. One of the problems with store-bought sprinklers is the failure to stop them at the appropriate time, causing low-lying areas to become oversaturated and resulting in dead grass. Another problem is hose leakage at the nozzle, which creates oversaturated areas and harms grass and other plants. Store-bought sprinklers are a hassle because you need to monitor run time, move them around, and you often get wet in the process.

Aerations Plus Inc protects lawns from oversaturation and uneven watering from store-bought sprinklers by installing automated sprinkler systems. These systems are strategically placed in the yard to provide complete coverage. Our sprinkler systems eliminate oversaturation and alleviate the frustration of manually moving them throughout the yard. 

Rotor systems can cover larger areas than sprinklers. Unlike sprinklers, which continually water the same space, rotor systems allow more time to pass between waterings. Delays between watering cycles enable the water to penetrate the ground and get to the roots, thus avoiding standing water. 

Water can be a premium luxury during hot summer days in Los Angeles. We know how frustrating it is to be unable to wash our cars or water the lawn due to water restrictions. Therefore, we must do our part to conserve water throughout the year. A drip system installed by an irrigation company like Aerations Plus Inc is one of the best ways to use water efficiently to provide moisture to your lawn. These systems avoid water loss due to evaporation and oversaturation by delivering a small amount of water consistently directly into the soil. Aerations Plus Inc is a lawn irrigation company that installs all three systems throughout Los Angeles County. 

Factors To Consider When Deciding On How To Water Your Lawn

It is easy to think that spraying the yard with a garden hose or laying a store-bought sprinkler in the center of the yard will give you desirable results, but as you know by now, it is not that simple. If you want a lush, green Los Angeles lawn, you need to consider the following:

  • Soil condition
  • Grass type
  • Climate
  • Drainage

Los Angeles County encompasses over 4,000 square miles, and as you would expect, soil quality varies throughout our county. Sandy, silty, clay, and loamy soil types are in our county, and each type responds to water differently. Water and nutrients leach out from sandy soil, silty soil holds water and can become oversaturated, clay soil drains poorly and does not hold water, but loamy soil allows for water infiltration. Technicians from the Aerations Plus Inc lawn irrigation service will inspect your yard and make the appropriate recommendations. 

Whether or not you are establishing a new lawn or revitalizing an existing yard, it is necessary to appropriately program the irrigation system to the water requirements appropriate for the grass. Some grasses, like Bermuda, UC Verde buffalo, and pearl's premium, do not require much water, whereas others require more water. Our Mediterranean climate is hot and mostly dry throughout the year, and we need to water our lawns if we want to achieve green yards. However, there is a temptation to overwater, which can damage grass and hurt our water supply. 

Drainage is another consideration. Not all yards have good drainage, and some have too much drainage. If your house sits on a hill and the yard is on a slope, water will run down the embankment and drain at the street. On the other hand, if your lawn has a poorly draining ditch or low areas, you may encounter standing water. 

Aerations Plus Inc is the irrigation company near you with trained technicians who will evaluate your yard and consider all these aspects when making irrigation recommendations. 

About The Watering By The Numbers System

An efficient way to avoid overwatering our lawns is to water by the numbers. This system preserves our water supply by ensuring that irrigation water output matches the moisture needs of the grass and plants in our yards. 

The first step is to determine how much water your grass needs. Kentucky bluegrass, perennial ryegrass, and tall fescue are cool-season grasses that require more water than warm-weather Bermudagrass and zoysiagrass. Because Los Angeles is in a grass transition zone, we have both cold and warm weather grasses. 

Once you have identified the grass type, the water output of the system needs to be determined. The easiest way to understand how much water you need to efficiently and effectively water your lawn is to place several shallow cans around your property and run the irrigation system for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes, measure the water amount in the cans and find the average to determine how long it will take to disperse one inch of water throughout the yard. If the cans average one inch after 15 minutes, that is how long the system should run, but if they have 1/4 inch, you need to operate the system for one hour to distribute one inch of water. 

Once you establish the time required to distribute one inch of water, you can set the system to disperse the water amount your lawn needs and watering frequency to avoid wasting water and harming the grass. If this seems too complicated, remember that the lawn and irrigation service technicians from Aerations Plus Inc will do the math for you and adjust the system to meet local regulations and the water needs of your grass. 

Let Us Help You Decide Which Irrigation Method Is Best For Your Lawn

Enjoying a healthy lawn that is the talk of the neighborhood is not an accident. Understanding the grass and soil type, measuring water output, and designing the appropriate water system require knowledge and experience. If you are searching for irrigation companies near you, you have found a company with over a quarter of a century of experience, Aerations Plus Inc. We are your California lawn irrigation experts.

When our technicians survey your property, they will determine which irrigation system is appropriate for your grass, soil, and drainage properties. We will recommend a water-saving irrigation system matched to your needs and budget. You may also relax knowing that the system we install in your Los Angeles lawn meets all California water regulation requirements. Contact us today to learn more and get a free estimate. Learn how our systems enable you to water less, save money, and enjoy superior results.

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