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Trust Aerations Plus to provide you with the irrigation services necessary to maintain a green lawn and healthy landscape.

Professional Irrigation Services in Los Angeles, CA

California water and irrigation isn't as tricky a concept as people seem to think; it's actually very easy to reduce your consumption, lower your bill, and help the environment — all while making your lawn, garden, and landscape full, green, and healthy. We're here to help achieve that goal and to ensure efficiency for your Los Angeles area property.

Learn about our lawn irrigation services and why they are the best choice for your property. Let us help you maintain and keep healthy your outdoor spaces. For more information about irrigation services in Los Angeles, please call today!

Quarterly Lawn Care Package

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The most effective way to care for your Los Angeles lawn and keep it looking its best is to partner with a local and knowledgeable expert and implement regular services. Regular lawn care services will ensure that your lawn becomes the talk of the neighborhood and stays that way throughout the year.

Our Quarterly Lawn Care Package includes:

We are committed to our customers. We want to help you affordably maintain your lawn, provide the best results possible, and work towards water conservation to help our environment.

Benefits Of Our Irrigation Services

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Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn is key to reducing soil compaction and developing a healthy root system. Grass with a healthy root system will absorb water and nutrients to keep grass healthy and happy. Healthy grass can better defend itself against disease and drought and helps it absorb water more easily.

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Soil Amendments

Soil amendments are things that are added to the soil to improve it. Soil amendments are beneficial for water retention and absorption. We use gypsum and lime to improve the health of the soil located in yards in Los Angeles. Gypsum helps to loosen up the soil and allows the soil to absorb water more easily. Lime helps to balance the pH levels of the soil. Soil with a well-balanced pH helps plants like grass to absorb nutrients more efficiently.

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Properly fertilizing your lawn is key to its health. Fertilizer provides grass the nutrients it needs to become and remain strong and healthy. Healthy plants resist damage from pests and diseases. Here at Aerations Plus, our professionals know which fertilizers are best suited for lawns in the Los Angeles area. Through our quarterly services, we will adjust your lawn's fertilizer with the seasons, ensuring its grass will remain healthy throughout the year.

Quarterly Water-Wise Program

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Trust Aerations Plus and our Quarterly Water-Wise Program to ensure your sprinklers and irrigation system are working effectively and efficiently. Professional irrigation services will keep your lawn and landscaping healthy and save you money on water bills.

Our Quarterly Water-Wise Program includes the following:

  • Inspection of sprinkler heads and drip systems
  • Cleaning dirt and debris from nozzles and soaker hoses
  • Making adjustments in the spray direction of nozzles to ensure no water waste
  • Replacement of up to three broken or damaged sprinkler heads
  • Inspection of control box/reset timer
  • Adjusting timer for best watering per season/time of year
  • Inspection of valves
  • Inspecting for wiring issues and rewiring if needed
  • Inspecting for leaky valves
  • Valve repair (Repairing of valves is included but does not include replacement if a new valve is necessary.)

When living in Los Angeles, maintaining your property's irrigation system is key to your lawn's health and reducing your property's overall water consumption. The less water you use, the better for the environment and your bank account!

Why Professional Care For Your Los Angeles, CA Yard Is Best

When calling Los Angeles home, partnering with a professional to properly water, maintain its irrigation systems, and care for your lawn is key to maintaining a healthy outdoor space.

Our professionals understand irrigation in Los Angeles. They can help educate you about the following:

  • The best irrigation systems for your property
  • When and how to water your lawn and landscape
  • The benefits of drip irrigation systems
  • The science behind watering your lawn

We will also provide tips and tricks to ensure your property's irrigation system works as efficiently as possible. We will identify weak points and help you reduce waste.

The California state government offers up to $5,000 in rebates to homeowners for installing water-efficient irrigation systems, depending on the type of service provided. That means you can lower your water bill by up to 50%! All you need is a brief phone call to get started on solutions right away.

Here at Aerations Plus, we want to help you use your water more effectively so that you can save money over the years and help make a positive impact on our environment. Call or contact us today to go over the details of your California irrigation system and how we can help you water wisely to eliminate any wasteful tools or procedures.

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