Where Does The Sod In Los Angeles Come From And How Do I Install It?

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There are about a million and one ways to help your lawn look great, and sod is just one of them. This process instantly takes your yard to the next level and may be just what you need. Aerations Plus’s Los Angeles lawn care spraying and other treatments include sod installation. Call today to learn more about Aerations Plus’s competitive pricing and high-quality sod installation. 

Where Does Sod Come From?

Sod, also called turf, is a layer of soil with grass growing on top of it. There are sod sites that are essentially just grass farms, where sod is harvested and then brought to homes or other locations to be installed. These sites grow high-quality, nutrient-rich grass that is designed to be moved and replanted. 

Sod installation is typically seen as an easier option than planting grass seed in a yard. It provides a kind of “instant lawn” effect. Rather than waiting weeks for seeds to sprout and grow in, sod is laid down with every blade already fully grown and healthy. 

What Are The Benefits Of Sod As A Lawn?

In addition to the instant lawn, there are many benefits to grass sod installation. Sod can:

  • Grow in more densely
  • Require less irrigation
  • Prevent soil erosion
  • Encourage ground cooling

Why do these things matter? Let’s talk about it. The denser and healthier grass is, the better it can outcompete weeds. This means less work for you and a healthier lawn. It also looks a lot nicer to have thick, green grass instead of a sparse lawn.

Sod is less likely to dry out than a seeded lawn. This is especially important in California, where droughts are frequent, and there are often restrictions on water use. The less you need to water your lawn, the better for the environment and your water bill.

Sod prevents erosion because it’s such a thick layer of grass and soil. It protects the ground beneath it and keeps soil in place. This means that your lawn will be less affected by weather, especially wind.

Grass can be much cooler than rock, concrete, and even bare soil. Sod has been reported to be up to 30 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than asphalt on a hot summer day, and over 10 degrees cooler than soil. This is a definite benefit during California summers, where even a five-degree difference is a blessing. 

Can I Install Sod In My Yard Myself?

The short answer is: Yes, but it will be difficult. Installing sod is a multi-step, labor-intensive process. 

First, you’ll need to evaluate the health of your lawn. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Why do I need or want to install sod?
  • What is preventing grass from growing right now?
  • Is the soil here able to support healthy grass growth?

Depending on the health of your soil, you may need to make some adjustments. Fertilizers adjust the nutrients found in the earth, while a layer of topsoil may be necessary for optimal soil health beneath the sod. You’ll also want to figure out a plan for irrigation before laying the sod. Sod may need less water in the long run, but it still needs some. Sprinkler systems are a whole other process to set up and get going, and they aren’t one-size-fits-all. You’ll need to assess your yard and figure out the best way to set up an irrigation system to keep your lawn healthy without wasting water. 

After all that, installing sod is a very physically demanding task. Sod is heavy. It has to be laid down in just the right way so it can meld with your yard. 

So, yes, you can install sod yourself if you’re up for the challenge. But if you’re not, there are plenty of other options for sod installation in Los Angeles. 

What’s The Best Way To Install Sod?

Aerations Plus offers residential sod installation in addition to many other lawn care services. We’ll install sod, but we’ll also make sure your yard stays healthy and beautiful. All you need to do is tell us what you want, and we’ll do the rest. Call Aerations Plus today to learn more about sod installation near you and how to take your lawn to the next level. 

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