When And How To Fertilize Your Los Angeles Lawn

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If you can imagine a healthy and beautifully green Los Angeles lawn, then you can achieve it. With the proper nutrition and care, your lawn or garden can thrive even in the dry Southern California weather. One of the key elements for a vibrant lawn is fertilization. This will ensure that the proper nutrients get to your lawn during the right growth stages, never lacking in nourishment. If you need lawn care in Los Angeles or want to learn more about fertilizing your lawn or garden, Aerations Plus can help.

About The Fertilization Process For Grass And Plants

Understanding the fertilization process is essential so grass and plants can grow beautifully and full of health. Traditional fertilizer is composed of three main elements: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK), which help plants grow during each stage of development, from sprouts to plants to fruits, flowers, or evergreen grass. The right amount of NPK also helps fight off fungi, diseases, and weeds. In Los Angeles, it is important that homeowners with lawns follow a regular fertilization program as our soil lacks important nutrients and the weather is dry. While some individuals fertilize their lawns themselves, lawn fertilization companies can ensure that both the fertilizer mix and the application of the fertilizer are done properly. Improper fertilization can actually harm the lawn’s growth.

Know When To Fertilize Your Lawn

In Los Angeles, lawn fertilization is recommended during the spring, summer, or fall, as warm-season lawns prefer temperatures over 80 degrees. Fertilizing too often could be counterproductive, so it is important to develop a regular fertilization program that takes this into account. A professional lawn fertilization company in Los Angeles can help you develop a comprehensive program that works for the dry Southern California weather!

How To Fertilize Your Lawn

Knowing how to fertilize your lawn is as important as when. If either one of these is done incorrectly, the whole lawn could suffer. The following is a list of steps to take if you are thinking of lawn fertilization in Los Angeles:

  • Test your soil. The recommended pH for Los Angeles lawns is between 6.0 and 7.0, which is considered neutral. In LA, we usually deal with dry and highly acidic soil. Testing your soil will help you determine what kind of elements and nutrients your lawn needs.
  • Measure the square footage of your lawn, so you are able to use the right amount of fertilizer (you don’t want to run out in the middle of applying it!)
  • Wear any recommended protective equipment and gloves when mixing and applying fertilizer or other chemicals.
  • Purchase the appropriate fertilizer and mix it correctly. Place it in the receptacle of the sprayer, and if it has an attachment, connect it to your water hose.
  • Apply the fertilizer carefully and evenly throughout the entire lawn area.
  • Water the lawn immediately after fertilizing, as this helps the product reach your lawn’s root system.

If you don’t want to take any risks with your front lawn, you can find a lawn fertilizer company near you to give you the best recommendations.

The Benefit Of A Professional Fertilization Program

There are many reasons to choose professional lawn fertilizing services, including staying away from chemicals – as you’ll need to wear some protective equipment when you fertilize – and ensuring that the products and application are correct. In addition, a lawn weed control and fertilizer company will be able to make specific recommendations upon seeing your lawn, especially regarding any fungus, pests, or warning signs. Aerations Plus, having served the Los Angeles area for over 25 years, is your trusted lawn care solution. We will help you achieve the lasting green lawn you long for through the right nutrition and maintenance. Schedule a home visit or call us today to learn more about our lawn care services in Los Angeles.

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