What You Should Know Before Fertilizing Your Los Angeles Lawn

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Lawn fertilization might not seem like something you need. After all, if the grass is growing, what else is there to do? But fertilizer does more than help the grass grow in the first place. It improves the overall health of your yard. Aerations Plus's Los Angeles lawn care spraying services include lawn fertilization because we understand how important it is to have a great-looking, healthy lawn. Call today to learn more about our high-quality, affordable lawn care services. 

Fertilizer Is A Great Way To Keep Your Lawn Lush

There are many things that lawns need in order to grow. You might have a sprinkler system set up to water your lawn, but sometimes that just isn't enough. Something that many people don't consider is the overall health of the soil, which then impacts the health of the lawn. Fertilizer adds nutrients to the soil so grass can get everything it needs. In general, lawn fertilizer targets nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium deficiencies. It will contain various amounts of nitrogen, phosphate, and potash; the amounts of each vary because different yards have different needs. 

Lawns that get a lot of use – such as from kids, pets, and other outdoor activities – tend to need more regular fertilization than those that don't. But a healthy lawn is eventually able to self-manage to an extent. For example, healthy lawns can outcompete weeds and are more durable through droughts. So, whether you want an outdoor play space or a yard that will stay beautiful even in the Los Angeles weather, lawn fertilization may be what you need. 

When And How Often To Fertilize A Lawn In Los Angeles

The best time of year to fertilize your lawn is during cooler months (like in the spring and fall), so the nutrients have a chance to sink into the soil. When fertilizer is applied in the heat of the summer, it tends to dry out before it can reach deeper levels of the soil. 

How often you need to fertilize depends on your lawn. If it's really lacking in some nutrients, you might need to apply fertilizer a few times a year. In general, lawn fertilization services happen at most a couple of times a year – unlike mowing and watering, which need to be done weekly or biweekly. 

What To Do Before Having Your Lawn Fertilized

The most important step before fertilizing your lawn is to run a soil test. These tests will tell you a lot about your soil, including the pH and the concentration of key nutrients. The results will allow you to decide what your lawn needs and what fertilizer to use. For example, if your soil is low in phosphorus, you will want to find a fertilizer with a higher phosphate concentration. 

It's also important to come up with a weed control plan for your yard. Fertilizer isn't picky; it will nurture weeds as well as grass, so you'll need to do something to prevent weed growth. Some fertilizers have a weed control product added in, while others require you to do that on your own.

At the end of the day, your yard is completely unique. It will have different needs from even your next-door neighbor's, which is why it's important to figure out which lawn fertilizer service will work best for you.

How To Decide On The Best Fertilizing Process For Your Lawn

You could handle lawn fertilization yourself. Run the soil test, see what your yard needs, then head to a garden supply store to pick out a fertilizer. After that, all you have to do is apply the fertilizer to your lawn. Just be careful – some of the contents of lawn fertilizer can be toxic for people and pets, so it's important to handle with caution.

This might all sound pretty simple. And it can be! But this doesn't have to be your responsibility. After all, it can be a lot of work just to figure out what your lawn needs, let alone apply the product. That's why Aerations Plus offers lawn fertilization services in Los Angeles. We take that burden off your back and do all the lawn care for you. All you need to do is enjoy your beautiful, healthy lawn after we're finished. Call Aerations Plus for all your Los Angeles lawn fertilization needs. 

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