What You Should Know About Soil Amendments For Your Los Angeles Lawn

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If you want to maintain healthy soil for your lawn, you need to know all about the benefits of incorporating soil amendments into your lawn care maintenance routine. This step can greatly improve your soil's water retention, fertility, and drainage, but don’t entrust this process to just anyone. To get the most out of adding soil amendments, enlist the services of Los Angeles lawn care professionals who have the knowledge and background to ensure you’re getting the correct type for your lawn. 

Aerations Plus offers soil amendment services that maintain the beauty of residents’ lawns and gardens. Continue reading to learn more about soil amendments and how lawn maintenance specialists can help keep your lawn and garden lovely, lush, and healthy. 

What Are Soil Amendments?

Never heard of soil amendments before? They’re various ingredients added to your soil that boost its chemical and physical properties. They can be organic or inorganic materials that enhance the soil's ability to retain water and other nutrients. Composting is a great example of a soil amendment. This method is made from organic matter, such as leaves, grass clippings, and kitchen scraps, and improves soil fertility, water retention, and structure. Mulch also uses organic materials, like wood chips, bark, or leaves, and boosts water retention while reducing erosion. Gypsum, which is a natural mineral, improves soil structure and drainage and helps reduce soil compaction. Peat moss, lime, and fertilizers are also soil amendments that provide vital nutrients that promote healthy growth. 

To determine the right kind of soil amendment that suits your situation, reach out to a qualified lawn service near you like Aerations Plus.

How To Tell If Your Soil Is Missing Something

Many homeowners don’t know what to look for if their soil isn’t at its best. Fortunately, there are multiple signs that will indicate your soil is lacking certain nutrients or is otherwise in poor condition. Some of the most common signs include:

  • Soil is compacted and does not drain well.
  • Grass and plants are yellowing.
  • Plant growth is stunted.
  • Soil is hard and dry.

Another sign is if your soil becomes overly acidic or alkaline, which encourages the leeching of vital nutrients it needs for optimal plant health. If you don’t know what your soil is missing, contact a professional lawn maintenance company. We can give you detailed information about the pH level, nutrient content, and other characteristics of your soil to help you determine what soil amendments are needed.

What To Look For After Applying Soil Amendments

After applying soil amendments, it’s important to monitor your plants and soil to ensure positive progression, which includes improved soil structure, enhanced plant growth, and increased water retention. Your soil should also have a balanced pH level, especially if you applied lime to raise its acidity or sulfur to lower the alkalinity. 

Also, try to be patient after soil amendments are added. It may take some time for the process to fully take effect, so just keep monitoring your soil and plants. Make sure you’re using the right amount of soil amendment combined with other soil management practices, like proper watering and fertilization. Most importantly, contact a reputable lawn care service to schedule a consultation. 

Contact Us For Help In Choosing The Right Soil Amendment

It can be challenging to determine which soil amendment is best for your specific situation without proper testing and analysis. If all of this confuses you, it’s best to contact professionals for help. Our team at Aerations Plus has the knowledge, training, and skills to determine exactly what nutrients your soil is lacking so we can add the correct amendment to help it thrive. We also offer many other services to properly maintain your lawn. Give us a call today so we can get started on your complimentary estimate!

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