What Los Angeles Property Owners Ought To Know About Sod Installation

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If you’re a property owner who knows the importance of curb appeal, then you know or at least understand how having a lush lawn plays a major role in that aspect.

When it comes to lush grass, you have two options: sod or seeded lawn. Both produce beautiful lawns, but there are some differences you should be aware of before choosing which one you think is best for you.

As your Los Angeles lawn care experts, we at Aerations Plus have over 25 years of lawn care experience. We offer not only superior lawn care and landscaping services but also sod installation and sprinkler repair. For all your lawn needs, contact Aerations Plus for your free lawn evaluation.

How Sod Differs From Seeded Grass

Your Los Angeles property is a source of pride that extends beyond its four walls. The state of your grass reflects your dedication to your investment and the message it makes. Knowing the differences between sod and seed will help you achieve the lush, colorful lawn you desire.

  • For sodding, there are fewer grass varieties available than for seeding.
  • Grass seed takes longer to grow than sod, which makes a lawn instantly.
  • Compared to grass seed germination, sod is more effective at reducing weeds and erosion.
  • You can use grass seed to repair an existing lawn, whereas you must install sod from bare soil.
  • For best results, sodding should be performed by lawn treatment professionals, whereas seeding a lawn is more do-it-yourself friendly.

Based on what you want and the state of your lawn, Aerations Plus can help you decide which option will be best for you. Simply give us a call to set up your lawn evaluation.

Sod Is Very Beneficial For Area Yards 

The benefits of sod go beyond an instant, green lawn. It also helps to make your outdoor area more secure and enjoyable.

Sod protects soil from erosion by acting as a blanket over the ground when it is first laid. Its roots eventually grow into the soil and hold it in place. Additionally, sod makes a yard more dense and lush than grass seed.

When working with properly certified sod, it contains extremely few or no weeds. Therefore, it outcompetes weed seeds to stop them from sprouting at the start, covering area yards with exquisitely grown grass.

Installing Sod Yourself Can Be A Real Hassle

At Aerations Plus, we understand the sense of pride you feel when taking on a home improvement project and seeing it through to completion. However, we also understand the frustration that comes along with it when you run into roadblocks that either slow or stop the project. Any homeowner can accomplish DIY sod installation, but many more steps are involved than simply laying it.

Sod installation requires a considerable amount of time and physical labor, especially if you have a large front and back yard. Additionally, having the wrong tools and materials can be very expensive and even more time-consuming and labor-intensive.

For installation and lawn maintenance of this magnitude, trust only the pros. We have the skills, expertise, and years in the industry to create the lawn you’ve always wanted for your Los Angeles property.

The Pros To Know For Top-Notch Sod Installation

At Aerations Plus, we deliver high-quality work thanks to our highly skilled lawn workers, state-of-the-art equipment, and more than 25 years of experience in the lawn care services industry. Our professionals have expertise in their field, interpersonal relations, and customer service. Call Aerations Plus for all your landscaping, sod, and lawn seeding services.

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