What Is Lawn Thatch And Why Does It Matter In Los Angeles?

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So many things can damage a lawn. Some of the most common threats to your turf are disease, drought, and thatch. What is thatch? Well, this is what we are going to talk about today. Here is everything you need to know about lawn dethatching and the problems that come with excess thatch under your Los Angeles grass. Contact our qualified team at Aerations Plus if you would like to learn about our advanced services. We would be more than happy to talk you through your options for lawn care in Los Angeles and find out what your grass needs to get and stay healthy and beautiful.

What Is Lawn Thatch?

Over time, grass and other organic materials die and settle into the top layer of soil in your yard. This creates a layer of dry thatch. Thatch is a problem because it prevents proper drainage and nutrient absorption, thus preventing the roots of your grass from getting what they need to thrive. Sometimes a layer of thatch can be a few inches thick. The thicker it is, the more problems will come from it. Your goal, if you want to maintain a healthy lawn, is to find a method that removes thatch without ripping or tearing up healthy turf. We will talk more about this in just a bit.

Is Dethatching A Lawn Necessary?

We are going to be honest with you, you might not need to dethatch your yard. There are a number of negative conditions that could be affecting your grass. Thatch might not be your problem. If thatch is your problem, however, you will want to deal with it ASAP. The longer you wait to handle a thatch problem, the more and more your grass will wilt, suffer, and die. If you do not want your turf looking barren or dried out, we would like to help. We can also offer other advanced lawn care services to help revitalize your yard and fight back against other problems that might be causing your trouble. We will further break down some of our other options in just a bit. 

Will Lawn Thatch Go Away On Its Own?

There are many problems in life that will go away on their own if you ignore them. Thatch tends to not be one of these problems. Unless introduced to some form of decomposer, thatch will continue to build up and be problematic. One thing that aids in decomposing thatch is moisture. If you water your lawn regularly and properly, thatch might break down over time. This process can take a while and there is always the risk of overwatering your grass and harming it in the process. The absolute best option for dethatching your lawn involves hiring our team of professionals.

What's The Best Way To Dethatch A Lawn?

The best way to know if your lawn needs dethatching is to bring in our team at Aerations Plus. We will inspect your topsoil and grass, and evaluate conditions that impact turf health. We will then recommend to you some lawn care options that will best help your grass grow healthy and strong. Some of our most popular options include aeration, fertilization, weed control, irrigation, and soil amendments. Regardless of what your lawn needs, we will find it.

Reach out to our team at Aerations Plus to ask about our advanced options for lawn care. We will share everything you need to know about our lawn dethatching service in Los Angeles and find out if this is right for you and your Los Angeles property.

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