What Every Homeowner Should Know About Lawn Dethatching In Los Angeles

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You may have heard of thatch, or of dethatching, but you’re not quite sure what the big deal is. After all, it’s kind of like composting, except Mother Nature does it for you. However, it’s a big deal when thatch gets too thick, and your grass starts dying because it can’t get enough air or water. A company like Aerations Plus, which does lawn care in Los Angeles, can also help with dethatching lawns.

What Is Lawn Dethatching?

Lawn dethatching in Los Angeles is the process by which you remove the thatch from your yard. If you’re in the mood for a great workout, put on some sunscreen and grab a rake. You can aggressively rake your yard to remove the thatch. You can compost it or use it as mulch if you don’t want to throw it away.

You could also use a vertical lawn mower if you happen to have one handy. Vertical lawn mowers have blades that go up and down, rather than the side-to-side spinning of a regular lawn mower. You have to mow in one direction first, then mow again at right angles before raking up the thatch. 

If you own a dethatcher or a power rake, those would also do the job. However, they’re mainly the provenance of professional companies that provide a lawn dethatch service near you. Aerations Plus can easily dethatch your yard, saving you time and energy.

The Benefits Of Dethatching Your Lawn

There are several benefits of dethatching your Los Angeles lawn, including:

  • Ensuring healthy grass root growth
  • Promoting proper drainage
  • Making sure fertilizer gets to the roots 
  • Improving your lawn’s appearance
  • Guaranteeing that air gets to the soil
  • Preventing lawn disease
  • Regulating the temperature of the soil
  • Giving your home a healthy lawn

Clearly, dethatching your lawn is beneficial for the health and appearance of your grass. However, it doesn’t have to be a DIY proposition. Aerations Plus provides a lawn dethatching service for homeowners in the greater Los Angeles area. All you have to worry about is how you’re going to enjoy your new and improved yard.

How To Tell If Your Lawn Would Benefit From Dethatching

Knowing when to dethatch a lawn is important for proper lawn care. A layer of thatch that’s less than half an inch thick lets water, nutrients, and air reach the soil, and it protects the ground from temperature fluctuations. However, when it grows thicker, that’s when the problems start.

There are a few different ways you could determine the thickness of your thatch. First, the simplest method is to stick your finger down through the thatch to the soil underneath. The length from your fingertip to the first knuckle is about one inch. If the thatch covers more than half of that finger joint, you need to dethatch your lawn.

Second, you could use a shovel to dig up a segment of your yard that’s about three inches into the soil. When you pull the segment out of the ground, you should clearly see the layers of soil, thatch, and grass. Then you can measure the thatch layer to see if it’s more than half an inch thick. If it is, it’s time to dethatch your yard. 

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