Watering Your Los Angeles Lawn: What You Need To Know

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Maintaining a healthy, happy yard can be difficult, especially in the dry climate of Los Angeles. Watering your lawn is an important step, but it’s hard to know where to begin. With the help of Aerations Plus, you can have a beautifully green, healthy lawn in just a few simple steps. Contact us today to learn more about our Los Angeles lawn care services

Know the Best Times To Water Your Lawn

Finding the right time to water your lawn reduces water waste. It ensures that as much water as possible soaks into the soil and reaches the grass’s roots. This allows grass to grow stronger and healthier, which makes it much more resistant to drought. 

Ideally, you should water your lawn in the early morning, before the hottest part of the day. If it’s too warm outside, the water will evaporate before reaching the roots. But you also want to avoid watering your lawn too late in the day. Although it will likely be cooler, watering your lawn in the evening can lead to fungal growth. 

Tips To Getting Your Lawn The Right Amount Of Water

Lawns need about half an inch of water every week. This can be broken up into a few waterings, but you don’t want to overdo it. It’s much better for your lawn’s health to be watered deeply and infrequently than it is to be watered every day. There are a few things you can do to make sure your lawn stays healthy. 

  • Establish a weekly lawn watering routine
  • Keep an eye out for signs of over or underwatering
  • Regularly check the dampness of the soil
  • Set up a sprinkler or irrigation system 

Once you’ve figured out how much water your lawn needs, following a set schedule can help you meet those needs. This way, you can stick to what you know will keep your yard healthy with less guesswork.

If your yard receives too much or too little water, you’ll see a few signs. Underwatered lawns are dry and brown. The grass also takes longer to spring back after being walked on – you’ll see noticeable footprints. The roots will be shallower than they should be. Overwatered lawns will have pools or puddles of water. They also contribute to fungal growth, which means you’ll see mushrooms popping up in the grass.

Water should reach about six inches into the soil. You can check this by sticking a screwdriver or similar tool into the soil. If you can easily drive the screwdriver about six inches into the soil, your lawn is getting enough water. If you can’t get through the soil, your lawn may need to be watered more often or for longer periods of time.

Setting up a sprinkler or irrigation system takes a lot of the effort of lawn maintenance off your shoulders. Sprinkler systems can be customized to your needs, and many have automatic settings. 

Watch For Warning Signs Of An Irrigation Problem

The biggest warning signs of irrigation issues are evident in over or underwatering. Whether your irrigation system is pumping out too much water or has a problem that limits water output, this can cause other issues with your lawn’s health. Healthy, drought-resistant grass needs just the right amount of water.

Sometimes, irrigation systems have problems that result in changes in the range or the direction of the water output. You might notice that your sprinkler system is no longer reaching far enough or suddenly extending way over your lawn. This is often a problem that is a symptom of deeper issues, so be sure to investigate any changes in your irrigation system’s function. 

Contact Us For All Your Lawn Watering Questions

Maintaining a healthy lawn can seem overwhelming. After all, grass is a surprisingly picky plant that wants just the right amount of water and care. But lawn care doesn’t have to be a burden. Aerations Plus offers a variety of lawn treatments and services, including irrigation system installation and repair. With Aerations Plus, you can save money and water less while still keeping your lawn healthy as can be. Call today to learn more about our options for lawn care services in Los Angeles. 

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