Troubleshooting Sprinkler Problems In Your Los Angeles Yard

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It can be such a pain when the system you rely on to keep your lawn healthy stops working. Whatever the problem is, from a blockage to a full malfunction, you deserve to have it taken care of the right way. That’s why Aerations Plus’s comprehensive Los Angeles lawn care includes sprinkler repair. After all, water is what keeps your lawn healthy. Call Aerations Plus today to learn more about your options for sprinkler repair. 

Our Sprinklers Work Hard To Keep Your Grass Green

Like any other plant, grass needs specific amounts of water to be healthy. Grass thrives when it receives an inch to an inch and a half of water each week. It’s important that grass is watered deeply so the roots can be strengthened. This helps protect grass from droughts and lets it grow stronger. In areas that don’t typically receive a lot of rainfall, sprinkler systems are especially important to help nourish lawns and gardens. 

How To Diagnose Common Sprinkler System Problems

There are many issues that can occur with sprinkler systems. Some are easy to identify, while others might just be symptoms of a larger problem. 

Overspray is something that frequently happens with sprinklers. This is when water overshoots the grass and goes out of its normal range, such as onto the street. Not only can this cause problems with runoff and even flooding, but it also wastes water. Overspray can be the result of any number of issues, such as incorrect sprinkler placement or the wrong type of head. 

Sprinkler heads can break, which often leads to water pooling. This can happen when the head is run over too many times by a lawnmower, for example. Whether there’s just a small crack or full breakage, damaged sprinkler heads can cause problems for your yard. 

You may also notice that sprinkler heads end up sinking into the dirt or tilting. This happens with time and is usually an easy fix. If you’re noticing that the range and direction of your sprinklers have changed, this could be the cause of it. 

Sometimes, sprinkler heads get blocked or clogged. Yard debris and overgrown grass can cover the sprinkler head, while mud and other debris can clog its holes. This most often causes the water flow to stop.

Some sprinkler issues are actually caused by flaws in the setup. Having too many sprinkler heads in an area or the wrong mix of types can cause patches of overwatering or underwatering. This is a little more complicated to fix since it might require a completely new design. 

What You May Be Able To Fix Vs. When You Should Call For Help

Many people prefer to fix things on their own, using do-it-yourself methods. And sometimes, that’s a good option. If your sprinkler heads have just started sinking or tilting, that’s an easy enough fix. Clearing out yard debris that’s causing blockages is also something you can resolve on your own. Depending on your sprinkler system and where the damage is, you might be able to replace a broken sprinkler head.

However, some problems should not be handled by even the most experienced DIY-ers. Anything involving below-ground plumbing, for example, needs to be worked on by a professional, as does electrical work. Electrical work is dangerous enough without adding water systems into it, and that’s exactly what a sprinkler system is. 

Additionally, issues with the spacing or setup of your sprinklers are probably best handled by an expert. Resolving those kinds of problems can require much more work and may involve plumbing and electrical issues. 

Your safety should always be a top priority. It just isn’t worth it to save a couple bucks but risk your safety by trying to fix something that’s best left in the hands of professionals. 

How To Know Your Sprinklers Will Be Fixed The Right Way

Of course, even while staying safe, you still want your lawn to be beautiful and healthy. That’s why you invested in a sprinkler system in the first place, right? Aerations Plus offers a variety of lawn care and related services in Los Angeles, including sprinkler repair. That’s right, we don’t just install them, we keep them functioning. Whatever problem you’re experiencing with your sprinkler system, we’ll take care of it. With more than 25 years of experience in the lawn care world, you can trust that Aerations Plus will treat your yard with all the care and professionalism you could want. Contact us today to learn more about our competitive rates and service plans. 

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