The Ultimate Guide To Your Healthiest Los Angeles Yard

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Lawn care and weed control can feel daunting if you don't know the basics of lawn care. If you're struggling to keep your lawn healthy and green, we have some great insights and tips to share with you today. Join us as we look at the basics of lawn care in Los Angeles. If you would prefer to speak with a lawn care professional, we can help with that too. Give us a call or connect with us through our contact page. The service team at Aeration Plus is happy to help.

Our Lawns Can Be One Of Our Favorite Spaces

There are so many ways a beautiful lawn can add to your quality of life. Your kids can run around in the grass and play games. You can have a cookout in the backyard. You can walk around with your shoes off and enjoy the grass between your toes, or you can just sit in a chair and enjoy the view. Your front and back lawn can provide a source of stress relief and happiness. But a dying lawn with patches of dead grass, dry earth, and tangled weeds is a source of stress.

The Many Problems That Can Plague Area Lawns 

We could say much on this topic, but there are a few key areas we see Los Angeles residents struggling with most. Here are a few to consider.

  • Weeds. A number of weeds can take over your lawn if you let them. Weeds steal nutrients from your turfgrass and can lead to areas of dry ground. Lawn weed control is critical.
  • Lack of fertilization. Your grass needs nutrients to stay healthy and vibrant. Proper fertilization ensures healthy growth. 
  • Compacted ground. Foot traffic, thick thatch, and other issues may make it difficult or impossible for water, oxygen, and nutrients to get to the roots of your turfgrass.
  • Drought-stress. Your lawn can start to look dry and dead if it doesn't get enough water, particularly at times when new grass is actively growing. 
  • Overwatering. Your lawn needs water, but too much can harm your grass by washing away essential topsoil and nutrients. Excess water also inspires fungal issues and plant disease.

Maintaining a beautiful lawn is a challenge. There is a lot to it. If you need a little help, remember that Aeration Plus is available to assist you.

Helpful Tips To Identify And Prevent Common Lawn Problems

There are many ways to combat weeds, lack of fertilization, compacted ground, and improper irrigation. Here are a few simple tips to help you detect and address common lawn problems.

  • When you see weeds appearing in your yard, adjusting your mower blade to the right height can help with controlling lawn weeds. In most cases, two inches will do the trick.
  • When your grass looks dry, it may need fertilization. Select and apply an appropriate fertilizer to give your grass the nutrients it needs.
  • When you have more than a ½ inch of thatch, it is time to dethatch. Get the rake out and scrape that thatch up and remove it. If more is needed to bring your lawn back to life, consider speaking to a professional about lawn aeration in Los Angeles.
  • A dry-looking lawn may be a warning sign of poor irrigation. A sprinkler or a hose with an attachment can help you bring your lawn back to life.  

You can do a lot yourself, but it is nice to know that you can get residential lawn care services near you. What services do lawn care companies provide? We can't speak for other companies, but we're happy to tell you how Aeration Plus can help.

Aeration Plus Is Here To Help You Towards Your Healthiest Lawn

We offer all of the services you need for a healthy lawn. All you need to do is cut your grass. Ask us about weed control, lawn aeration, irrigation systems, lawn dethatching, lawn seeding, sod installation, lawn fertilizing services in Los Angeles, sprinkler repair, and soil amendments. We'll help you find the right services for your Los Angeles yard. 

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