The Most Effective Weed Control Solution For Your Los Angeles Lawn

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Living in Los Angeles affords people a Mediterranean climate year-round. With warm days and cool nights, it's the perfect place for people who love the great outdoors. With more sun than rain, it might seem like weeds would have difficulty getting a foothold in area lawns, but not so. Without lawn care in Los Angeles, your property could soon experience the effects of hardy weeds sucking the life out of your healthy, vibrant lawn.

Types Of Weeds That Commonly Invade Los Angeles Lawns

Owning property is costly for those living in Los Angeles, and well-manicured lawns only enhance its value. With all the time and money that goes into keeping it looking nice, the last thing you need is weeds choking the life out of your grass. Los Angeles property owners have their fair share of weeds that plague their lawns.

Four common weeds in the Los Angeles area include:

  1. Wood sorrel
  2. Nutgrass
  3. Bermuda grass
  4. Field bindweed

Controlling lawn weeds is tough; unwanted weeds can appear out of nowhere, even in a relatively dry climate. Some weeds even seem to thrive with very little moisture. When weeds are allowed to grow unabated, they can soon suck the life out of healthy grasses. With a wide variety of weeds in the Los Angeles area, it is essential to have a qualified and experienced lawn care specialist like Aerations Plus near you.

Weeds Steal The Nutrients From Your Lawn

Weeds are plants that always seem to show up where you don’t want them. They are competitive plants that like to dominate grasses; their quick growth often outpaces healthy plants, quickly overtaking them. Their seeds effortlessly spread across lawns and are pretty hardy. When lawns face harsh conditions, the weed population is more apt to survive and outlive the good grasses on your property. Once established within your yard, weeds don’t give up their dominance easily. They greedily absorb whatever sunlight they can soak up and send out a fast-spreading root system underground. The weed's root system will soon start hogging water and life-sustaining nutrients in the soil, leaving healthy grasses without the moisture and nutrients they need to survive. Handling lawn weed control can quickly become a full-time job with many headaches. Weeds won't go down without a fight, so it’s always good to get an expert like Aerations Plus to evaluate your weed problem. We have time-tested lawn treatments that will rid your property of weeds while encouraging the healthy growth of your grasses.

Some Weeding Methods Can Also Damage Your Lawn

A lawn free from weed domination doesn’t come quickly; it takes hard work and constant vigilance. There is no shortage of weeding methods that people can use to control weeds; however, if weed control gets done improperly, it could damage the grass you’re trying to save. Identifying your weed is the first step to treatment. Sprays are popular methods for controlling weeds, but treating the wrong weeds could kill your grass. Old-school hand-pulling is exhausting, and if you don’t get to the root, weeds will come back with a vengeance. Some natural weeding methods may seem attractive, but many only affect the weed growing above ground and destroy the healthy grass around it. Weed control on lawns can get tricky; even the slightest mistake can worsen your lawn difficulties. Aerations Plus’s weeding methods come with 25+ years of experience. Our tried and trusted weed removal methods will eliminate damaging weeds and help make your lawn look fabulous.

The Most Effective Weed Control Solution For Your Yard

Aerations Plus has the most effective weed control solutions for yards in Los Angeles. Our company was founded over 28 years ago and is locally owned and operated. Over the years, we’ve seen it all, and we can handle it all. Our lawn care services will help property owners conserve water, save money, and still get the high-quality results they expect. Lawn care weed control can help get your lawn back in shape. Call Aerations Plus today for a free consultation, evaluation, and estimate.

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