The Key To Fixing An Unhealthy Lawn In Los Angeles

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If you're worried that your lawn is unhealthy, you should be able to tell fairly easily, just based on color. Unhealthy yards usually need a treatment of some sort to bring them back to health. Unless you're prepared to spend a large amount of time researching lawn care in Los Angeles, you should call in a professional landscape maintenance company like Aerations Plus. 

Identifying An Unhealthy Lawn

Telling an unhealthy lawn from a healthy one is simple. One is lush, green, and springy. The other may have many colors, from green to gray or tan, and footprints may be visible after you walk across it. To get the best lawn treatment service, it's important to know exactly what's causing your lawn's ill health. 

Only after you've determined the culprit behind your lawn's poor health can you decide on the best lawn treatment. It's easy to make mistakes that could further damage your lawn. With a professional lawn treatment company like Aerations Plus, our technicians are highly trained and can identify why your lawn is unhealthy and what steps to take to get it back to thriving.

The Many Issues That Los Angeles Lawns Can Have

There are many issues that may cause your lawn to be unhealthy, including:

  • Brown patch lawn disease
  • Dollar spot lawn disease
  • Gray leaf spot lawn disease
  • Leaf spot lawn disease
  • Pythium lawn disease
  • Red thread lawn disease
  • Snow mold lawn disease
  • Summer patch lawn disease

It's okay if you've never heard of these diseases. All that matters is figuring out which one you have and treating it appropriately. That's exactly what lawn treatment companies like Aerations Plus are for – doing the hard work, so you don't have to. Treatment can be easy once you know what disease you're working against.

And it's not just diseases that can affect your lawn. Lawn pests such as grubs, moles, voles, groundhogs, and gophers can all wreak havoc on your grass. Grubs, moles, and voles eat the roots of your grass. Groundhogs and gophers ruin your yard by burrowing underneath it. If their tunnels collapse, you'll have divots in your lawn. 

Simple Yet Effective Tips To Prevent Common Lawn Problems

There are many ways you can prevent common lawn problems. For example, your soil's pH might be off balance. Grass grows best with a pH of 6.0 to 7.0, which means it likes slightly acidic soil. If the pH balance is off, you may wind up with thatch, a tightly interwoven layer of both living and dead plant matter, including stems, leaves, and roots. It builds up between your grass and the dirt below it. Too much thatch can kill the healthy grass trying to grow through it. You can adjust your soil's pH balance with a lime treatment for your lawn.

Another issue could be that you're over- or under-watering your yard. Test your irrigation system to figure out if it's the culprit by putting empty tuna cans in your yard, turning on the irrigation for 15 minutes, then measuring the amount of water in the can with a ruler. Multiply by 4 to find out how much water your soil is getting per hour. Depending on how often you water, you may have to either cut back or increase the amount of time you're watering.

Mowing your lawn can also be the culprit behind your grass issues. Keeping your grass too long or too short for the type can cause it to be more susceptible to our hot summers and drought conditions.

Aerate your soil on a regular basis. You can easily accomplish this by walking around your yard wearing a pair of shoes with cleats or spikes on them, such as golf, football, soccer, or baseball shoes. To double your efficiency, you could wear these shoes while mowing your yard.

Partner with a professional lawn treatment company like Aerations Plus. You don't have the bandwidth to do all the necessary research into what might be wrong with your yard. Our highly-trained technicians can determine what's going on with your yard and how to fix it.

Let Aerations Plus Help You On Your Way To A Beautiful Green Lawn

When you need lawn treatments for grass diseases, turn to Aerations Plus for help. We've been in the industry for more than 25 years, and we have a long list of satisfied customers. We're looking forward to adding your name to that list. Contact us today to get a free estimate and to learn more about our Los Angeles lawn care services.

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