The Importance Of Quality Lawn Care For Your Los Angeles Lawn

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Los Angeles is a big city that lies within striking distance of landscapes that can take your breath away. From sparkling ocean waters to majestic mountain peaks to national forests, Los Angeles offers visitors and locals outdoor activities that are varied and exciting. While it only takes a short time to reach these beautiful destinations, staying local and enjoying your lawn is tempting when it looks pristine. Without lawn care in Los Angeles your yard may be the last place you want to spend your time.

Los Angeles Lawns Can Be Temperamental

There’s a tremendous sense of pride when your lawn shines a deep, vibrant green and feels like velvet when you sink your toes into it. Yards like these don’t develop by chance, and when conditions beyond your control come into play, keeping your yard beautiful can prove challenging. While Los Angeles is sunnier than most cities, it also experiences some extremes regarding weather. Lawns often experience arid conditions and, every so often, an overabundance of moisture. Weather, people, improper fertilizing, seeding, and mowing can cause lawns to be temperamental. Local insects, bacteria, and fungi can also take their toll on the health of grasses. Even the slightest changes can cause grasses to get out of sorts. When battling temperamental grasses, it’s always good to have an expert lawn maintenance company near you, like Aerations Plus, to help diagnose and treat unpredictable grasses.

The Many Factors That Go Into Quality Lawn Care

When you want to ensure your lawn stays healthy and doesn't succumb to the ups and downs of ever-changing conditions, it’s essential to consider the many factors that go into cultivating the perfect lawn. The best lawn care maintenance makes sure soil and grasses work together.

Five factors that contribute to quality lawns include:

  1. Aeration/soil preparation (alleviates compacted soil and ensures good pH levels)
  2. Irrigation (regulates water)
  3. Seeding (using the right seed)
  4. Fertilizing (helps seeds/grass grow)
  5. Weed control on lawns (keeps them from stealing sunlight, moisture, and nutrients)
  6. Dethatching (removes grass/leaf debris that prevents good grass growth)

Keeping lawns in tip-top shape comes with many challenges. Aerations Plus can help property owners navigate the ups and downs of lawn care. Our lawn care solutions can keep lawns healthy and growing despite the many factors that work against them.

Do-It-Yourself Lawn Care Can Be Really Inconvenient

Lawn maintenance is hard work and highly time-consuming. Just taking the time to mow can take hours (depending on the size of your lawn), and if you don’t mow properly, you can damage your grass. Weeds in the Los Angeles area are always looking for a healthy patch of lawn to overtake. Identifying and treating weeds can seem like a never-ending task; if you use the wrong treatments, you could kill your grass instead of the weeds. Keeping your soil aerated requires special equipment that can be costly, and knowing when and how much fertilizer and seeds to use can get confusing. Life is busy, and free time seems to be in short supply, so why work, worry, and fret over keeping your lawn beautiful? Aerations Plus provides full-service lawn care near you that can take the burden of lawn care off your shoulders.

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Lawn care in Los Angeles may seem like a ton of work and come with heaps of headaches, but at Aerations Plus, it’s what we do...and we do it well. Founded 28 years ago, our locally owned and operated company has decades of experience dealing with temperamental lawns. Our skilled technicians use top-of-the-line equipment to apply lawn treatments that consistently produce high-quality results. No matter what ever-changing lawn conditions your property experiences, we’ve seen it all at Aerations Plus, and we can handle it all. Let us help you water less, save money, and get excellent results that will enhance your lawn and garden. Call us today for a free estimate.

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