The Hows And Whys Of Soil Testing Your Los Angeles Lawn

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If the grass is always greener on the other side of your fence, it might be time to add soil testing into your lawn maintenance routine. Lawn care in Los Angeles can be complex, and our soil often lacks valuable nutrients to help it thrive.

Soil sample testing can help you change a mediocre lawn to the envy of the neighborhood. Without these tests, people often guess incorrectly and add the wrong product to the soil; this can cause already poor soil to become even worse.

Adding the right types of soil amendments can help your lawn achieve its best potential. Read on to learn more about soil testing from the pros at Aerations Plus.

The Soil Of Los Angeles Lawns Can Be Temperamental

The difference between a healthy lawn and garden and an unhealthy one often comes down to the soil. A soil pH test can help answer many questions about why your lawn is not coming in thick and full or why some of the plants in your yard aren’t looking very good. 

When we see brown patches in the grass, we often assume a lack of water or fertilizer is the issue. But adding more of either of these could be adding problems rather than addressing them. A soil test can let you know which soil amendments for your lawn will be helpful. 

Working with a local company that provides soil testing services is the easiest way to determine what your lawn needs to reach its full potential. At Aerations Plus, our technicians can help you ascertain what is missing from your soil and what additives will help it reach the ideal pH and nutrient level.

Where To Do Soil Testing And What It Will Show

Where you test depends on your specific lawn and garden. The following are tips for obtaining a proper nutrient and soil pH test sample:

  • Each sample should be a mixture of between 10-20 samplings throughout your yard.
  • If some sections of your property have different conditions, such as poor growth, prior treatments, or pest problems, doing separate soil sample testing for these areas is best.
  • We also recommend independent tests for areas with different goals; your garden may need a different pH level than your already established lawn.
  • Avoid using soil amendments for your lawn before testing; they will skew the results.

The soil test will show you pH levels and what nutrients may be lacking, which will determine the types of soil amendments that you need. Working with a company like Aerations Plus can help to ensure the soil samples are correctly taken and processed.

When And How Often To Do Soil Testing 

You should test your soil a few weeks before planting or seeding. If your initial soil test shows the pH and nutrient levels in the range they should be, you shouldn’t need to test yearly. If these levels are off and you add soil amendments to your lawn, we recommend testing the following year to see where the levels are and if additional amendments are necessary. 

Contact Aerations Plus For Experienced Soil Testing

Soil testing can help transform your average lawn into an extraordinary one, but it is just one part of a series of necessary steps. Having the proper pH and nutrient levels can help you to save money and water less often. 

If you have been searching for a way to get better results with your lawn and garden, Aerations Plus is here to help. Contact us today for your free estimate and to find out more about soil testing in Los Angeles.

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