The Dos And Don'ts Of Weed Control For Your Los Angeles Yard

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Nothing diminishes the beauty and polished look of a well-manicured lawn than unsightly weeds sprouting up everywhere. Not only do they detract from an otherwise lovely yard and garden, but they can also take away vital nutrients from nearby plants which can result in weakened stems and poor growth.  

Fortunately, Aerations Plus offers effective weed removal to maintain your property’s pristine appearance. Our team is committed to providing high-quality service that leaves your lawn green and lush without any weeds to be found. Read on to learn more about how Los Angeles lawn care service can keep your greenery weed-free and looking good season after season. 

Do Know What Type Of Weed You're Dealing With

Identifying the types of weeds growing in your yard is the first step to eliminating them effectively. Weeds have different characteristics, such as stem structure, leaf shape, and growth pattern, which require targeted control methods. Some weeds can be controlled by mowing, while others may require the use of a specific herbicide. Additionally, understanding the growth habit of the weed, like when it germinates or flowers, can help you determine the best time for intervention. Remember that professional guidance is always recommended, so get in touch with experts who provide qualified weed control in Los Angeles, like our team at Aerations Plus.

Don't Rely On Chemicals To Kill The Weeds

Resist the kneejerk reaction to grab the spray bottle of weed killer at the first sight of weeds popping up in your yard. Although some herbicides can get rid of certain weeds, they’re not effective against all types. Also, some weed killers can be harmful to the environment and other plants in your yard, which defeats the purpose of using them. And if used incorrectly, store-bought chemical treatments can be harmful to people and pets. Additionally, overuse of these products can lead to the development of resistant weed strains, adding unnecessary stress to your valuable landscaping efforts. Therefore, contact professionals in lawn and yard maintenance near you for further assistance. 

Don't Try To Tackle A Weed Problem On Your Own

Before you attempt to unearth the weed wacker beneath the mounds of tools stored in your garden shed, think about how labor-intensive and time-consuming the process is to do yourself, especially if you have a big yard. Check out some additional reasons below why enlisting the services of professional lawn maintenance professionals is the best decision to save effort and money at the same time:

  • Some weeds can be difficult to remove if they haven’t fully emerged from the ground yet or are too small to identify.
  • Weeds will grow back if their roots are not completely removed.
  • Certain kinds of weeds can be unsafe to handle, especially if they’re on the thorny side. 
  • Improper weed removal with the wrong tools can damage surrounding soil and plants.

Consult with the lawn care specialists at Aerations Plus. We know how to effectively remove weeds to maintain the integrity and healthy growth of your yard and garden. 

Do Call Aerations Plus For The Best Weed Control

When you want your lawn to look good, bypass the hassle of doing it yourself. Professional lawn maintenance companies offer the skills and expertise for effective weed removal and proper yard care. Just think of all the time you’ll get back to spend with your family and friends doing activities you enjoy. The best part is the money you save not having to purchase expensive tools and equipment.  

With a customer-centric approach, Aerations Plus has provided exceptional lawn care maintenance services for Los Angeles residents that they can trust. Our team goes the extra mile to deliver optimal results that keep your property aesthetically pleasing while saving you money by watering less often. Reach out to us today so we can maintain your lawn and garden.

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