The Difference Between Soil Amendments And Lawn Fertilizers In Los Angeles

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In Los Angeles, having a lush and green lawn is a standard of living that has become just as much of an art form as it is a science. While experience will help you understand how to read your lawn, science will help you find the best lawn care treatment to restore and maintain the health of your lawn.

As you know, California is a big state with a wide range of climate and soil conditions. Therefore, every variety of grass has unique requirements for soil amendments and fertilization. The good news is that you're not required to be experts on lawn maintenance.

At Aerations Plus, we offer the best lawn care in Los Angeles. We believe the health of your lawn's soil significantly impacts how well it grows. However, how well you maintain the grass also matters. To avoid the responsibilities of maintaining your lawn, hire Aeration Plus for professional lawn care services.

What Are Soil Amendments?

It is simple to mix up soil amendments with fertilizers. Fertilizers enrich the soil with plant nutrients, whereas amendments modify the soil's condition. Poorly maintained soils cannot adequately retain nutrients and moisture to enable robust plant growth. Your lawn's ability to store water and supply nutrients to sustain growth can be manipulated by adding amendments.

For the best lawn treatment with soil amendments, contact Aerations Plus for your free consultation.

How Soil Amendments Differ From Lawn Fertilizers

Lawn fertilizer increases plant development by providing more nutrients, while soil amendments enhance how those nutrients are delivered to the plant.

Soil amendments enhance the texture of your soil rather than increasing its nutrient content. The air and water pockets that roots require for hydration allow the soil to crumble. Stems are allowed to flourish while the roots deepen and get stronger.

In order to help plants develop faster, fertilizers provide them with the nutrients they may be lacking or in limited supply. The majority of fertilizers provide potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen. Other nutrients that plants require are called trace nutrients and are typically present in most soils in much lower concentrations.

Fertilizers and soil amendments both increase the nutrient content of your plants, but in differing ways. Aerations Plus offers soil amendment and fertilizer services. Call to set up your free lawn evaluation.

The Benefits Of Regular Soil Amendments For Your Lawn

Regular soil amendments benefit all gardens. Most soils do not offer the best conditions for plant growth, especially given the changing climates and temperatures in Los Angeles. Because some soils don't drain well and others are packed too tight, preventing essential nutrients from reaching the roots of plants, here's how soil amendments are extremely beneficial.

  • Increases water and nutrients available for plants to quickly recover from adverse conditions such as wind, hail, and sudden temperature changes.
  • Balances soil's mineral content.
  • Aids in the soil's organic content.
  • Reduces soil alkalinity.
  • Enhances the physical structure of soil.
  • Reduces compaction.

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Lawn maintenance can appear complicated at times, as it requires time and education to understand your soil better to achieve the greatest overall outcomes. The knowledgeable experts at Aerations Plus are available to assist you if you're ready to advance your gardening. Get in touch with us today to learn more or begin your soil amendment services.

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