The Best Aeration Process For Your Los Angeles Lawn

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Lawn aeration is a fantastic way to help your lawn grow and flourish, and it is becoming more and more popular as homeowners discover all of the benefits associated with lawn aeration in Los Angeles. Aeration helps your lawn absorb nutrients better, allows water to stay on and in your lawn instead of running off, and helps your grass grow robust and strong. Weak grass dies easily when stressed, while strong lawns can endure challenging conditions much more successfully.

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About The Aeration Process

As time goes on, your yard’s soil can get compacted, with the grains of sand packing tightly in around each other. This makes life hard for your grass. Water and nutrients have trouble penetrating compacted soil. Worse, grass roots do too, and grass responds by establishing shallow root systems that cause the grass to be fragile. Aerating involves using specialized lawn equipment that places uniform holes all throughout your yard, and thereby allows water, air, and nutrients to get down into the soil, which encourages grass roots to go down deep.

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The Purpose Of Aerating Your Lawn

Over time, lawns can get ‘compacted,’ which means that the soil under the grass can get hard and solid. This causes several unwanted side effects. First, rain water can’t soak into your yard as well, and tends to drain away in water runoff. Fertilizers also can’t penetrate. This causes two negative situations. First, the fertilizer can’t get to the roots of your grass, which leaves it malnourished. Second, any fertilizer you do try to use will wash away with water runoff, ending up in places where you don’t want it. 

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There is an art and science regarding how to aerate your lawn. It takes special equipment and specialized techniques to do it right, and get the results you want. Poorly done aeration may fail to accomplish what you want, with inconsistent results and a blotchy lawn. The trick to good, consistent aeration is experience, and Aerations Plus Inc has all the experience we need to perform top-notch aerations on lawns, including yours.

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After Aeration; What You Need To Know

Here are some things to do after your lawn has been aerated:

  • It’s a great idea to water your lawn: This gets your yard off to a strong start. 
  • Fertilizing is a great idea: Fertilizer after aeration gets nourishment to grass roots.
  • Seeding is advised: This allows your lawn to grow strong and lush. 
  • Watch for weeds: Weeds love great soil, too. Avoid treating weeds when you seed. 

These tips can help you grow a lush, green, hardy lawn that will bring you great satisfaction. With proper aeration and aftercare, your lawn will have all that it needs to reach its maximum potential as the growing season progresses. 

Aerations Plus Inc is the lawn aeration service in Los Angeles to call when you need help with lawn aeration. Contact us today and let us partner with you for a great lawn.

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