The Benefits Of Professional Aeration For Your Los Angeles Lawn

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With roughly 300 sunny days each year, property owners in Los Angeles often appreciate a healthy lawn in their yard more than those in other regions of the country. Many property owners find that the appearance of their lawns could be better despite regular mowing, watering, and fertilizing. One possible problem involves overly compacted soil that limits the flow of water and oxygen below. 

Are you a local homeowner struggling with finding a dependable provider of lawn maintenance services? Find a properly equipped Los Angeles lawn care company that will get the job done right with Aerations Plus. A professionally performed spring or fall lawn treatment usually creates tremendous results. 

How Aeration Aids In The Health Of Your Lawn

What are the potential benefits of professional lawn aeration services? Lawn aeration increases airflow to the underlying root system and ensures that water and fertilizer will penetrate the surface. The soil in your lawn often becomes deeply compacted, such as when subject to heavy foot traffic. Spiking is a process of creating holes throughout the yard, which usually works well for somewhat shallow soil. 

Spiking is often an insufficient aeration method on lawns with significant layers of thatch. Accumulations of leaves, grass, and other materials often collect and decompose throughout the lawn, creating layers of thatch. Under these conditions, removal of the majority of thatch is necessary before aerating the property. Otherwise, penetrating the soil beneath remains challenging. 

A properly aerated lawn will usually grow stronger, deeper roots and have thick grass without unsightly patches. 

How To Tell When Your Lawn Needs Aeration

Most lawns require aeration either once or twice each year, such as in the spring or fall months. One common sign of compacted soil is substantial water runoff, which occurs when the soil is impenetrable. Here, you might notice pools of standing water that develop, particularly in lower-lying yard areas. Keep in mind that these conditions will also potentially attract mosquitoes as the females lay their eggs in standing water. 

Lawns might have difficulty absorbing water because of the development of a thick layer of thatch and will often become “sponge-like.” You can often identify dense and compacted soil when it becomes difficult to penetrate with a shovel or other tools. These conditions usually exist in lawns with heavy traffic from the movement of people or vehicles will create pressure within the roots and soil below. 

Property owners who recognize these or other signs of compacted soil should consult with a local lawn care professional regarding aerations services. 

Tips For After A Lawn Aeration

What steps do you take after experts have aerated your lawn? Consider the following tips for developing a healthy and attractive yard

  • The holes that exist throughout a recently aerated lawn will allow for easier access to the root system; therefore, this is a good time for overseeding and fertilizing.
  • Use compost, peat moss, or sand to fill any larger surface holes.
  • The chunks of uprooted soil can either remain on the surface to decompose or be collected into piles and used for compost.

Los Angeles homeowners should consider regular lawn aeration by lawn treatment companies as a key maintenance task for achieving a thick and healthy lawn. 

Let The Experts Ensure The Effective Aeration Of Your Lawn

Are you looking for a company that provides professional lawn treatment services near you? With more than 25 years of industry experience, the local professionals with Aerations Plus take pride in performing the highest quality lawn care and landscaping services in the Los Angeles region. We attribute much of our success to adhering to fundamental best practices, including hiring dedicated technicians, maintaining the best equipment, and providing excellent customer service.  

As an organization that offers comprehensive services, we provide lawn aeration, sod installation, sprinkler repairs, landscape lighting, and much more. Use less water and save money with great results for your garden and lawn with our team. Contact our office today for a consultation.

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